Sometime last year (or maybe it was even the year before – argh), we started using the Instagram app (we’re tokyotelephone, of course!) to share some of our photos around Tokyo, and now I thought that in the spirit of the season, I’d take a look back at some of our best hipsterific faux-vintage bits…

(All left to right, top to bottom)

Row one: New business cards with fancy QR code – I feel like I’m the future!, Liz Lisa’s catwalk show, beautiful autumn leaves.

Row two: Yoyogi park on a very clear day, the steps to Southpaw at the KitaKore building, Christmas lights and the moon over Daikanyama.

Row three: Shibuya 109’s Christmas graphic, piles of exciting horror and retro manga, New Year decorations – not sure about the significance of lobsters but ho hum.

Row one: Jewellery by Ambush, my new best friend in Koenji, Samuel’s giant beer.

Row two: Awesome remade coat in Candy’s vintage room, crowds at the market, Balmung’s amazing exhibition at Primitive London.

Row three: A real life actual Tokyo telephone!, train tracks at Shibuya, some words of wisdom from Freshness Burger (I could really go for an avocado burger right now…).

Row one: Host clubs get festive, lovely (painful) boots, a rather frosty morning the last time we were in England.

Row two: Seasonal beer – super kawaii, Etw Vonneguet’s Olga takes to the stage, beautifully embroidered sukajyan.

Row three: Mr. Daruma, fur fur’s catwalk show with Snoopy, and finally: a really weird old house covered in fruit that we saw near Asagaya yesterday.

I think this little collection of the best 36 instagram images sums up Tokyo Telephone pretty well – lots of fashion, some beer, cats, and odd things. Although, looking back at it now, I think I should have included some of Samuel’s lovely jewellery in there too – sorry, Samuel!

Just in case you’re wondering, I used the Listagram site to grab these images off the web as it’s seemingly impossible to do it any other way, and I wanted to take the time to share our photos with all our readers who don’t necessarily follow us either on tumblr or twitter – but why wouldn’t you?!

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5 Responses to Tokyo Telephotos – Instagram This!

  1. Sarah says:

    That Freshness Burger one is A++

  2. Sarah says:

    Also, Happy New Year!

  3. Rebecca says:

    @ Sarah – Thank you, and happy new year to you too! 🙂

  4. Sami says:

    Love the images you post! 😀
    and I totally want a Daruma!

  5. Rebecca says:

    @ Sami – Thanks! 🙂

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