Following on from our introduction to Dog Harajuku (here if you missed it), today we are going to take a look at some of our favorite individual items from the shop, because if the place has one failing it is that it is almost impossible to pick out anything from amongst the carnage.  When you go in (and if you haven’t then you are missing out), the lighting, music and mirrors can all be a bit much, not to mention the Lady Gaga costume level pieces can put you off from picking out anything from the shelves and actually trying it on.  We thought we would pick a mix of cheaper, accesible trend items, and some premium pieces that have to be seen to be believed – enjoy the ride:

Accessories are always a good place to start, pairing any of this massive statement pieces with even the lowly black t-shirt and jeans and suddenly you have pushed yourself over into serious street fashion territory.  If in doubt go with one of the huge necklaces and see how you get on.

If money and sanity were not an issue, there is so much to be enjoyed here.  If anything you should really be grateful to Dog for stocking stuff like this – where else can?

This is one of my favorite conceptual pieces from runurunu and I think his work is all the better for the removal of his usually dynamic colour palette – you can just appreciate the form when his clothes are laid bare.

Chunky 80s acrylic jewelry is always going to get our vote and looking at the above these kind of designs have aged incredibly well.

Needless to say we can always be tempted by a telephone bag, especially with the great chunky plastic and metal hardware.

These shoes have been here for as long as I can remember and I doubt that they are going to walk out of here anytime soon – I will certainly miss them if someone does pick them up.  The pair in the middle are particularly good, I asked if anyone knew who made them, but they are something of a mystery.  Again, it is one of the things that makes Dog Harajuku like a museum of fashion and not just a shop.

You do get some 90s flashbacks in Dog, I remember having some goth rave gear with rubber horns on the shoulders back in the day.

Even if the ensemble is a bit much, you can always pick out some of the bondage gear that is easy to incorporate into most outfits.

This vintage backpack has come right round to seeming very contemporary again.

Obviously you can’t go wrong with a pair of these.

These Boy London watches can be pretty affordable, but I have seen prices as high as 100000 yen for the rarest models.

Stand by for one more look into Dog Harajuku where we will be breaking down their core aesthetic into its various elements, and stay tuned for much more Tokyo vintage very soon indeed.

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