In the absence of new fashion during the long hot Tokyo summer we thought it was long overdue to revisit one of our favorite topics – Tokyo vintage shopping.  After all, once you are beyond the Japanese mainstream where absolutely everything must be new at any cost, vintage clothing plays a pivotal role in what people think of as Japanese fashion – a situation especially ironic as most of the clothes in said shops are imported from abroad.  Whether it is an accessory or two, or the core piece of an entire outfit, so much of Tokyo fashion creativity is bound to the vintage fashion scene. When an item starts trending on the street or in magazines  you can bet that in all probability the originator was someone with a good eye who plucked it from a vintage shop, thought about how to wear it in a different way and from there the street snap sites and trend hunters do the rest.

Today’s topic might well be on your radar already, Hypnotique in Shibuya is one of the longest serving vintage shopping boutiques with a pretty much unchanged line-up of party girl glamour that dates back to the 70s and 80s, which in itself was enjoying revisiting the glamour of the 20s, albeit in an altogether more garish way.

Now this kind of party fashion looks positively restrained with the advent of the Trump room and so on, the orientalist deco and faux tribal influences don’t look quite as dated as they did in the 90s, and this style seems fixed in time and ready for you to dip into anytime you fancy.

The central Shibuya shop is pretty small but packed to the rafters with colour and glamour, at a very impressive range of price points.  Some Tokyo vintage can run quite expensive, but I have to say that outside of certain items of prominence, you can get the Hypnotique look very reasonably.

They also have some of the friendliest staff in Tokyo – some of whom even speak English.

The racks positively heaving with dresses and the ceiling can’t be seen for hats.

If you don’t know where to start, let some of the chunky jewelry take the lead.

The shop is also packed with masks peeping out at you from every angle – not sure where even in Tokyo you could wear these to.

There are plenty of higher end vintage items for aficionados to enjoy and plenty of unworn gems.

For more on Hypnotique and maps you can visit their blog here and stay tuned for more Tokyo vintage coming your way soon.

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