No Tokyo Telephone readers, your eyes are not deceiving you: we have covered Green Dot before at part of our vintage project, but that was the shop located on the main covered shopping street – today’s Green Dot is located just around the corner and up some tiny stairs…

Up the stairs we go, and into the wonderful world of Green Dot once more! The shop itself never fails to surprise me with how large it actually is, and there’s a satisfying amount of vintage packed in too. Green Dot has a fantastic range of items, everything from hand-made leather shoes, old pin badges for products long-gone, embroidered cotton dresses, crafted antique lace accessories and patchwork blankets. The effect is comforting and homely – I’d quite like to live up here, and I’m sure many of Green Dot’s cute customers would too.

In terms of aesthetics and stylistic influences, I’d say that what with the paisley dresses and clogs, Green Dot is leaning towards the the 1970s, and all that that nature-loving decade entails. However, there are a few Victorian elements here too, tiny baby gowns for one, but the meeting of these two distinctly different eras is a surprisingly harmonious one – complimentary rather than clashing.

I got kind of obsessed with this glass ball (terrarium?), so expect to see it a few times…

The crafts table: handkerchiefs, patches, lace and ribbons – very inspiring.

There’s even genuine vintage wallpaper on offer. I’m rather tempted by the black and pink.

Calling all dolly-kei and mori girls!

I’m a bit in love with these boots – perfect for the ethic styles that are making a comeback this summer. Forget faux-vintage, this is the real thing!

Amazing paisley bib dress – you can really see how this fits in to Green Dot.

Even the hangers get the craft treatment.

Vintage Americana is still hugely popular here in Japan.

Patchwork cat on a rocking chair – two of my favourite things!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our little trip to Green Dot. I think it’s a great example of a different vintage aesthetic, and one that seems to be entwined with both the lifestyle and crafts elements too. I’m feeling really inspired now, just let me at that vintage wallpaper…

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One Response to Tokyo Vintage: Introducing Green Dot, Koenji

  1. Sami says:

    I wouldnt know where to start in a shop like this XD
    That wallpaper is amazing though, Im sure you could get creative and make things out of it too!

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