Continuing our on-going coverage of Tokyo best and most unique vintage shops, here on Tokyo Telephone we’re very proud to introduce Green Dot.

Under the same umbrella as DaiDai and Koenji’s other Green Dot boutique (coming soon!), today’s Green Dot is located on Koenji’s main covered shopping street. It’s a rather unassuming front for what’s actually a very beautiful retail environment and surprisingly large too – the first time we popped in I was genuinely taken back by how big the shop is, especially with the downstairs space too. I really love the thoughtful decoration inside Green Dot: on the ground level the floors are bleached wood with cement at the sides and polished stones set in, creating an almost seaside feel. There’s plenty of shelves displaying everything from handbags to wooden ducks, and on the door there’s a even a cowbell to welcome you inside! Downstairs has been similarly sensitively thought-out with patchwork wall hangings and my favourite part: a hammock full of vintage fabric flowers. Lovely.

As well as inspiring decor, there’s also a lot to take in in terms of fashion. While Green Dot focuses on more feminine vintage fashion from around the world, there’s also a great variety. Here you can pick up anything from leather flower brooches, plastic hair slides and floral dresses to thick woollen jumpers, hiking boots and even pompoms with goggly eyes. Even thought it’s a little removed from my own personal style, Green Dot makes this kind of vintage style feel very accessible to a wide variety of people – there’s nothing to put you off here, and I’m sure all visitors and browsers and window shoppers will find it just as appealing and comforting, like a hot cup of tea on a cold day…

Very tempted by the dark red leather bag. Must resist.

Down the rabbit hole…

Looking back up, with the charming changing room to the right.

I posted this image to our tumblr with the following caption: “The two staples of Japanese vintage shops: Gunne Sax and fake grapes.”

I really want to display our shoes like this! Alas, we have too many boots and too little floorspace.

Can you spot the pompom with eyes?

Huge thanks to Green Dot for allowing us to come and take lots of photos – we really can’t get enough of sharing what we love about Japanese fashion and vintage!

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