Following on from yesterday’s post on the wonderful Grimoire vintage boutique in Shibuya, here’s the second part:

In the previous article I talked a little about dolly-kei and how it’s possible to interpret it in different ways – no two outfits from this niche style ever look the same, and I think it’s great that individuality has really been embraced here. This is also evident in Grimoire’s rather unique shop styling too: everywhere you look there’s piles and piles of things to see, to examine and point at. Okay, this makes for a difficult photo-shoot with the aforementioned stuff, suitably low lighting, tiny space and rather enthusiastic customers seeming to conspire against your intrepid photographer…

It really is a small space, it’s just a bit larger than the current Telephone Towers, and could have been a little office or apartment in it’s previous incarnation. I like the thought of a mundane location being transformed into somewhere utterly amazing like Grimoire: I think it captures that magical feeling of walking into a space that’s completely incongruous, and you can’t help but be inspired by it. I’m reminded of all the times Samuel and I have combed through markets and junk yards searching for bits and pieces (one day we’ll be able to show it all off in one place!), and honestly there’s just too much here to fully capture it all on camera. Yes, it’s overwhelming and more than a little claustrophobic, but the dolly style itself is pretty intense with rich colours, embroidery and plush fabrics, so it seems fitting that Grimoire is too. There’s a sense of faded glory here too: old stuffed animals jostle with antique glass lamps and some frankly terrifying examples of 1970s crafts. One of the real strokes of genius here in Grimoire is the inclusion of original brands too: Rathiel du Dolly and Verum are two notable examples. By selling these smaller accessories, Grimoire has instantly made itself more attainable: I may not want to go full-on dolly-kei myself, but I’ll happily pick up a necklace, ring or pair of tights that’s a nod to the Grimoire style.

I highly suggest taking your time over the following photos, as you’re pretty much guaranteed to see something new hiding in the background:

No, we just can’t resist a telephone!

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