Kaka Vaka has long been an institution of the Osaka fashion scene, with its unique mix of vintage, brand and remade fashion that pretty much sums up current Japanese street style, and in December last year it finally set up camp in Shibuya to give the citizens of Tokyo a taste of Osaka fashion.  The shop is in the same building as Birthdeath in Shibuya, but is a million miles away from that boutique’s deadly serious approach to fashion and outsider music – this is a shop that screams fun and freedom, although the mascot of the shop that stares out from the back is vaguely terrifying:

The shop’s aesthetic is definitely a bit bolder and brasher than the Tokyo norm, but tones down the standout items with a largely grungy base.  The typical Kaka Vaka look is some kind of impractical, over-the-top item as the centerpiece, and then muted and scruffy items to bring it back down to earth.  The shop is packed with a mixture of both, and you can easily pick up a pair of custom trainers that seem to have massive chunks of plastic growing out of them, or a rare Gareth Pugh leather jacket that no-other boutique could hope to sell, next to dull pastels, murky denim and simple basics.  In short, it covers the whole look, and it is one you will have seen on the pages of Tune and Fruits and too many street snap sites to count.

Kaka Vaka’s remake lines are a bit part of the identity of the shop, and range from hand-drawing on jeans, right up to rare KTZ shoes given complete coverage with studs.  The pricing is definitely on the more reasonable end of Tokyo vintage, and you can pick up a look here that can get you snapped with every step you take for a steal, and even the high-fashion and designer pieces the shop keeps are pretty accessibly priced (especially the KTZ).

Inside the vibe is clean and clinical, with bright lighting, white walls and deconstructed fittings contrasting with the racks and racks of clothes – it will take you an age to work through it all!  So allow me to show you my highlights:

The custom printed grungy sweater on the left is a winner for me.

As is this complete look, which offers a more casual take on the club kid look than Candy.

Gundam trousers!

No comment.

Some great KTZ shoes.

Iconic shoes from the one and only Yohji Yamamoto.

These trainers have the plastic parts actually bolted on to them – fantastic.

Kaka Vaka is a vintage shop that definitely nails the mix of brand, vintage and one of a kind items that Japanese street style looks for these days.  You can go in here and find 100 different items on any given day that could define your outfit, the only struggle is picking which one and then finding a way to earth it into credibility.

For more information and styling there is an official blog here, and this is one place you have to check out in either Tokyo of Osaka if you get the chance, after all there is no knowing what you might find…

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  1. mim o'leary says:

    I am soon to visit Tokyo and would like street address of Kakavaka stores please especially if there is one in Shibuya. Hope someone can write in English please. Many thanks. Mim

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