Kinsella may have only opened its doors in 2008, but has rapidly become one of the most important shops in the Harajuku vintage scene with an eclectic borderless approach to fashion that means that not unlike Dog Harajuku it has a truly distinctive style, which you can’t attach a label to… beyond the name of the shop that is.  The similarities don’t stop their either, they both have an infatuation with the 80s take on art deco and genderless approach that in the case of Kinsella made it a pioneer for the return of the tomboy look in Japanese women’s fashion in the last year or so.  It is definitely a vintage boutique to add to your Tokyo rounds, although it is probably the shop most similar to western vintage shops on the surface, but have a closer look at their stock and their customers and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

On any given day you can expect to find authentic 1991 tour t-shirts of my beloved Morrissey that can come in at 15000 yen mark, balanced out with racks and rack of seemingly randomly selected shirts at the 4000 yen whose grouping will dawn on you the longer you stay in the shop.  Kinsella also stock a couple of new brands including Blonde Cigarettes, Aquvii and poem by rabbit who fit the selection of vintage very well.

Here is a perfect representation of the Kinsella style courtesy of their press agent maU who is rocking a perfectly prescient tomboy look contrasting boyish wide legged shorts with a tiny waist pinched in with a cute teddy bear and heart accented belt.

The late 80s and early 90s selection obviously flows together pretty well, and have reminded both Rebecca and I of the better aspects of fashion from our youth, far from the perceived grunge elements people are interested in at the moment.

Underwear as outerwear has become pretty mainstream in Harajuku in the last couple of years, but I still see visitors to the area staring (even more than normal) at girls they spot rocking it.

As I said before the interior might well remind you of Western boutiques, but rest assured that the overall standard of stock, condition and of course, culture that surrounds this place elevates this place far above the norm.

Seriously rare t-shirts held tantalizingly out of reach of hand and wallet.

Some of the new accessory brands they stock.

Stand by for a closer look at Kinsella tomorrow, and I hope you are enjoying this look into another fantastic Tokyo vintage boutique.

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2 Responses to Tokyo Vintage – Kinsella Harajuku – Part 1

  1. Siqi says:

    I love the look of this shop and would definitely visit there. There’re some really unique pieces I’m seeing in the photographs! I’m really interested in the ‘face’ hats in the second to last photo, I’ve seen them before but I never got to know who designed them. I can’t see the writing on the card in front :c I’m curious to know
    Also I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for always sharing all these interesting shops and designers in/from Japan <3

  2. Samuel says:

    @ Siqi

    Thanks for your support! The hats are produced by Aquvii and are really popular right now all over Tokyo.

    If you like that kind of thing then check out Curione, they make the most amazing hats with faces on them.

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