Hot on the heels of part 1 of our coverage of Kinsella Harajuku (here if you missed it) is a closer look at the mood and distinct aesthetic of the shop as well as some of our personal favorite items that we think should tempt you to give this place a visit next time you are vintage shopping in Harajuku.  As I said in the first part, the unique direction of Kinsella is a little difficult to put your finger on succinctly, but maybe that is why the place is so popular?  Regardless, it is clear that they have managed to isolate a pocket of late 80s / early 90s crisp cool that just works in and of itself and manages to bring in 16 year old girls as well as guys in their 30s looking for rare t-shirt designs.

It is something I find neatly encapsulated in this kind of faux art deco imagery that is dotted around the shop, it is chic, but also a little bit tacky at the same time.  Given that, it is clearly a look that is very easy to get wrong, and that is why we advise that you let Kinsella curate the look for you and pick out just the right prints, colours and brightly coloured 80s shirts that walk the fine line between avant-garde and awful.

The shop staff are great ambassadors for the strong feminine style that consistently dodges both the cliched and the kawaii.  It is easy to see why this style has struck a chord among those girls tired of the endless pastels, high pitched voices uttering the dreaded “K” word on repeat and high-cheeked pink blusher that you can spot coming a mile off.  Not to say that is a bad look in the slightest, but there has to be an alternative and Kinsella’s slightly tomboy look imbued with just the right amount of chic is nailing it for me right now.

Love these massive print t-shirts – Kinsella had an entire rack of them when we were shooting.

Pop-art converse trainers on the left are a winner for me, especially with that print broken up with those crisp white laces.

I see a lot of these fez around, but not nearly enough on the street – come on Tokyo, you can pull it off.

Now that is a doll that makes me very nostalgic – good times.

Racks and racks and racks of immaculate shoes.  Kinsella does a brilliant line in buying up dead stock from around the world so has plenty of brand new dress shirts, shoes etc, so if you have a problem with wearing things that someone else might have, this is worth a look.

Our lord Bowie clearly approves.

We hope you have enjoyed that look into yet another Tokyo vintage treasure, if you can believe it we still have so much more still to share – so stay tuned for that..

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2 Responses to Tokyo Vintage – Kinsella Harajuku – Part 2

  1. vanna says:

    hi may i know the address the kinsella please? I would love to get some stuff there on my coming trip to tokyo.

  2. Samuel says:

    @ Vanna

    No problem, put this into Google maps:

    150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya, Jingumae, 3−27−13 イエローベリー神宮前 B1F

    It is on the same road as Pinnap, Dog and BerBerJin, you cannot miss it!

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