When it comes to lifestyle fashion fanatics can be broadly split into two categories: the introverts for whom their chosen aesthetic seems to seep out of their very existence, filling their rooms and until it becomes an aura around them; and the extraverts who look perfect at every party, have staggering collection of clothes, but yet live in a jungle of hangers behind closed doors.  I personally like fashion to be the starting point for a longer aesthetic journey in which you slowly surround yourself with your chosen aesthetic and I dare say we will have to show you around our Tokyo Telephone Towers at some point in the future.  Meno is definitely a shop that shares our way of thinking (for an introduction to the shop you can click here), and offers you furniture, light-fittings and even cutlery that goes with the look – after all when you have committed to such a strong look you are going to feel a bit silly sitting in a Nitori apartment.

The lifestyle objects and items that Meno offer are exactly in line with their Mori meets Dolly-kei aesthetic with plenty of worn and warm pastel fabrics, tarnished silver and brass, and a couple of cuter items to keep things feminine.

I suppose that this is the overall ensemble that they would have you aiming for, and who would not want to live in a house like this?

Pretty much everything in the shop is actually for sale and authentic in origin – this re-purposed bedframe headboard is currently being used as a clothes rail, and you could take it home if you fancy.

There is obviously a lot of Catholic imagery that is mostly free of any religious connotations and used purely for its aesthetics.

The slightly edgy end of Mori that Meno does so well is also encapsulated in the lifestyle sections of the shop – not sure I would want this little doll staring back at me as I sleep!

The even have a bathroom section – and why not?

The camera as an accessory trend spread to Japan some time ago, and regardless of what you think of it, if it means you can pick up camera straps like this then I am all for it.

Vintage silver cutlery.

And finally, the sight out of the shop onto the busy backstreets of Harajuku – a faintly incongorous sight after you have spent some time in this unique bubble.

For more on Meno you will want to go to their homepage here and they have a great staff blog as well.

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