Following on from our glimpse of the vintage fashion chaos that waits for you inside Nude Trump Shibuya yesterday, today we thought we would zoom right in and try to pick out some of the individual parts that have made this vintage boutique a mecca for Japanese street and party fashion aficionados since the 90s.  Personally I think there are two sides to the shop and its customers – costumes and the exceptional everyday, hence you have one group who come to the shop actually willing to buy some of their out-there items (everything is for sale) and on the other hand you have people who come looking to blend in a rare pair of Vans or Converse, or else an authentic 80s Public Enemy gold chain in an otherwise toned down ensemble.  So please don’t panic on entry to this place, you don’t have to do the whole look to buy into it, and unless you are on your way to a party at the Trump Room upstairs or absolutely desperate to get street snapped you probably shouldn’t.

With the costume aspect I believe the head buyer, who is something of a remarkable character in his own right, went round buying up 80s dead stock from party supply shops, circus props and so on in the hope that one day someone would pay them a visit desperate for a bicorne Napoleonic hat produced as a theatrical prop sometime in the 70s, and until that point at least it makes the shop look pretty damn cool in the meantime.

I suppose the key difference between a place like this and Dog Harajuku is that the latter tries to make fashionable costumes, i.e. that consume the wearer, whereas Nude Trump tries to make costumes fashionable.

Although I sincerely doubt we will see anyone picking up this Big Bird costume anytime soon.

Still there aren’t many shops even in Tokyo that actually manage to push goggles like this into fashion and succeed.

On the other end of the spectrum you have simple but rare items that anyone can wear that always makes this shop a good candidate for a rummage.

Still, for every 9 items that are conceivably wearable by your average fashion civilian there is invariably one of such inconceivably glitzy 80s glam to balance things out.

Hope you enjoyed that and needless to say we will have a whole lot more Tokyo vintage for you very soon indeed…

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4 Responses to Tokyo Vintage – Nude Trump Shibuya – Part 2

  1. Andrew says:

    Hahah, some of your comments in this and in part one made me laugh, thanks for highlighting this shop! I only know of Trump Room from Tokyo Dandy’s photosets, but even with that small exposure I have to say that it’s not SO surprising to see the shop beneath it filled with so much glam! Not to mention all the sequins and masks… Still, seems to me quite impressive (and pretty cool) that the shop isn’t just about junk (speaking very figuratively) to wear to a party, but turns them into real statement pieces that you could fit into your wardrobe.

  2. Samuel says:

    @ Andrew

    Glad I could make you laugh! You can’t go around this shop without a sense of humour as far as I am concerned. But saying that, the fact that the quality is so high definitely helps you take it seriously enough.

  3. Andrew says:

    I’ve never seen anyone linking in these comments before so feel free to delete if you guys would prefer to keep this area clean, but I DID want to bring this to your attention.

  4. Samuel says:

    @ Andrew

    No problem with relevant links – don’t worry.

    Yes, I saw that and it did make me laugh! Tokyo never fails to live up to fashion challenges.

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