Synonymous with the Tokyo party scene by virtue of its location beneath the equally iconic Trump Room club space, Nude Trump in Shibuya has been furnishing Shibuya’s fashionistas with glamorously gaudy vintage garb for well over a decade and can lay claim to being one of the first trendsetters who defined how vintage fashion would be delivered in Tokyo.  This delivery comes down to saturation, re-interpretation and trying to break through the self-imposed barrier of a costume as inherently unfashionable, after-all in the context of Tokyo something like an American marching band uniform is free from its origins, or at the very least re-appropriated, and the pure aesthetic of the garment is open to new ideas.  Nude Trump takes that idea and runs with it to its logical conclusion mashing together cardinals robes with ski-masks, adapted plush toys with biker boots, all united under a common principle of 70s and 80s glam.  In short if you are about to head to a party upstairs at the Trump Room, or any of the other venues catering to the current renaissance in underground niche fashion parties, and you are stuck for what to wear, then go in here pick 5 items at random with your eyes closed and odds on you will fit right in.

That is not to say that there is anything remotely trashy about any individual items here, yes the place is packed to the rafters with more stock than most Tokyo vintage boutiques, but the quality is at such a consistently high level that it shames its counterparts outside Japan.

From the reflective floor to the packed walls and all the way to the ceiling, a visit to Nude Trump is like being bombarded with the contents of an entire shop with every step you take – and this is an especially large shop.

I think Nude Trump is one of those places best saved for when you are hunting for a statement item, something to make you stand out even in the context of Tokyo.  Whether you want embroidered souvenir jackets, cheerleader outfits, or even something small like braces or cummerbunds, trust me, Nude Trump will have an entire section devoted to it, and the staff are very helpful if you get lost in the chaos.  I should also say that this is one of the tiny minority of Tokyo vintage shops that has English speaking staff (most of the time), so definitely one to add to the list if you are worried about your Japanese.

One of the jewelry cases, positively heaving with authentic vintage 70s and 80s jewelry.

These leather harnesses are a big hit right now in Tokyo as a perfect layer you can wear even as the heat rises.

Many thanks to the staff for showing us around!

As usual we will have a second part for you soon taking in some of our favorite items that sum up the direction of Nude Trump as a whole, and just in case you are still wondering about the name, “trump” in Japanese refers to playing cards…

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