The Japanese fashion blogosphere has gone a bit nuts for dolly style (dolly-kei), as of course have the actual people on the actual streets of Tokyo. It’s easy to see why; creating a unique hybrid fashion sub-genre, dolly style has many influences, from feminine lolita accents to mori girl style layers.
I love the freedom of this style – I’ve touched briefly on the concept of Japanese fashion sub-culture ‘rules’ – in the case of dolly style, there seems to more of an antiquated aesthetic to aspire to, rather than hard and fast guidelines about how big your hair should be or the length of your skirt.
If we take a look at the above photo, (admittedly, I haven’t picked a particularly extreme look),  what she’s essentially wearing is a little dress, cardigan, high-heeled shoe-boots and carrying a bag. I think what makes dolly style stand out, aside from the multi-coloured furs and teddy-bear heads favoured by some, is the mix of patterns and fashion eras, yet keeping to a colour scheme – in this case burgundy and beige.
Japanese street fashion and it’s menagerie of sub-cultures can be dauting for those who have never really seen it before, or are, like us, over the age of twenty. I see dolly style as something that’s easy to incorporate in to every-day life – you may not fancy the bloomers and petticoat from Angelic Pretty, but what about the cute retro handbag and vintage designer scarf from Grimore?
From a tourist’s perspective, dolly style is wonderful. Having a wander around Tokyo and scoring some gorgeous vintage clothing sounds perfect to me!
In  Tokyo Vintage, Part Two, I’ll be out-lining key pieces to look for as well as providing some information about the shops themselves. Stay tuned!
(Photos in this post from DropSnap)
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