PIN NAP is another fresh addition to the Harajuku vintage fashion scene that has been in the process of opening for the last couple of weeks.  We thought we would give them a while to get everything ready (they opened without a door!), and now they have it has obviously been well worth the wait.  The shop comes from a Japanese street fashion icon called Bob who has finally achieved his dream of opening his very own shop in Harajuku, and is located on the same Ura-Harajuku street is any number of iconic Tokyo vintage boutiques including Dog Harajuku, Kinsella, BerBerJin and Meno (report coming soon).  The concept pretty much nails the fashion trends of the moment with a huge emphasis on 90s fashion, grunge, pastel grunge and key items like dog-collars, stacked and spiked trainers and 90s graphic t-shirts.  It is probably a safe bet with the international Tumblr crowd (I mean they have a unicorn in front of the shop), but the way it is brought together in Harajuku feels really fresh, and in particular the slightly tomboy-ish elements give the look teeth and is a welcome alternative to Nadia just down the road.

Despite only being open a couple of weeks you would think PIN NAP had been here for years, and it is great to see this street given fresh energy.  Today we are going to give an introduction to the shop, before launching into a closer look at the aesthetic and individual items over the coming days.

Like I said before, the look is an A-Z of the trends of the moment, but you would do well to notice the traditional Japanese sandals worked into the mix and vintage-inspired hair arrangement on the right.

The make-up is likewise in line with the mood of the moment (and heavy on the blusher), but the addition of shaved sides to the head and shaved eyebrows add something of the tomboy and I really can’t stress how strong a look this is when compared to mainstream Japanese fashion.

Inside lurks a bust of 90s imagery and energy.

The stock is mostly vintage, but they stock some new designers that fit the mood as well as some re-made items like the bleached check shirt above.

There is also another point that really must be made, and there is not elegant way of doing so…  PIN NAP is very nicely priced and doesn’t sacrifice quality in the process.  I mean the items don’t have the history and authenticity that places like Qosmos attach to every last item, but still, for what is on offer it is very well priced. Maybe they are trying to get a buzz going around the launch, in any case, it is worth your time to pay it a visit.

Some My Little Ponies to make Rebecca nostalgic,

and a bit of classic Simpsons for me.

Stay tuned for much more from PIN NAP in the coming days, and even if this is not your thing, we have a huge backlog of vintage shops to get up here on Tokyo Telephone, so stay tuned for those.

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7 Responses to Tokyo Vintage – PIN NAP Harajuku – Part 1

  1. Gabi T says:

    looks amazing, I can’t wait for a visit in Feb!

  2. Leanne says:

    Will 90’s kei be the new thing, I wonder? And what about that pink blusher right under the eyes…will it catch on? I’m sure you’ll tell us if it does!

  3. Samuel says:

    Glad you like it!

    On the subject of the pink blusher, it has already caught on! I see it absolutely everywhere across loads of different fashion styles – it probably started with mori.

  4. Really cool shots! I’m excited about this shop. Sure, it is kind of mainstream with the trends that its following, but there is definitely a unique Tokyo twist for sure. (And like you said, very interesting when compared to mainstream Japanese fashion).
    And isn’t Bob a stylist anyway? I’m pretty sure he’s been doing this kind of style way back. I definitely remember him being a part of the scene before the tumblr craze really even caught on.

  5. Samuel says:

    @ Lactose Intoler-Art

    I wanted to talk about Bob more, but I know that not everyone collects Tune magazine! He has always been one step ahead of the trends, and in particular the return to the 90s vibe, as has his favorite brand – KTZ.

  6. Haha! You know me too well, but oh my gosh…So true. Hazukashii…..*_______*

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