Rosy Baroque is a Tokyo vintage fashion boutique that will need no introduction to fans of Japanese women’s fashion, but perhaps due to its slightly more adult feel it hasn’t quite gained the popularity abroad that destination shops like Grimoire have.  Regardless it is one of the few vintage fashion shops mentioned in the Louis Vuitton guide to the city, a known haunt of many celebrity types and should be high on your list of Tokyo vintage shops.  The concept of the shop is fashion seen through a rose tinted lens, a concept that hits you full in the face as you enter in suffocating abundance as layers and layers of beautiful dresses, hats and delicate laces greet you and never seem to stop.  Likewise the soft rosy lighting is complicit in creating a 20s boudoir feel of fug and perfume in the interior of the shop, and it should come as no surprise that 20s cabaret costume and fashion is the focus of the shop, although you will see items as late as the 70s.

The indubitable quality of the stock and the fact that they lovingly restore and tailor their vintage stock to suit the sizing of Japanese women does push the price up a little, but like I said before this is a more adult vintage shop on the whole with a clientele that clearly demands perfection.

Come with us as we show you around this Tokyo fashion institution which is part of the same group of shops that includes Hypnotique and Cabaret that we will also be covering very soon.

The shop is brimming in its entirety with complimentary tones, soft, warm colours and a bevy of hats to tempt you with.

This is some of their selection of 20s cabaret costumes that you might find hard to actually wear, and behind the till is a small workshop area where they restore vintage gems to their former glory.

The shop space may only be relatively small, but there is not a single inch, right up to the ceiling that is put to waste – enjoy your virtual shopping experience:

The shop is on the 6th floor of the same building that houses Nude Trump and Trump Room in Shibuya and is very easy to find if you want to pay it a visit – I am sure the lovely staff will be delighted to greet you.

Needless to say we will have more vintage boutiques for you soon before we get stuck into the Tokyo Fashion Week collections on the horizon in October.

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5 Responses to Tokyo Vintage – Rosy Baroque Shibuya – Rose Tinted Fashion

  1. I love the Blog. Very informative. I have a vintage wholesale company and an online store. twitter@caliplusvintage. I’d like to partner up with some shops in Tokyo as a buyer. I have been in Osaka working with a few shops there and am back in forth from california to japan every month or two. Will be in Tokyo later this month for the first time and would like to get some business going.

    Jon D,

  2. Samuel says:

    @ Cali

    Feel free to email me direct (address on the about page) if you need putting in touch with any Tokyo shops. I know a couple who might be interested in your service.

  3. Dee says:

    I am so glad that this shop is not in Gifu. I’d be so broke.
    Your website is awesome by the way.
    I think I need to plan a Tokyo trip soon and check out Koenji.

  4. Dee says:

    Oh I forgot to mention I have a Facebook page called “Vintage Lovers Japan” please feel free to visit it.

  5. Samuel says:

    @ Dee

    Great to hear from you, and yes, Tokyo can be a difficult place to live when you are constantly surrounded by the world’s best vintage and the people who wear it.

    I would check you out on FB, but unfortunately I don’t have an account… Sorry!

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