Continuing on ongoing project showcasing the the best and most beautiful vintage shopping experiences in Tokyo, today we’re very proud and excited to feature Gaijin, a vintage boutique in Koenji.

Even though I kind of prefer the darker side of fashion, I always pop in to Gaijin whenever I have time – I love the pastel colours and calming atmosphere, as well as spotting lots of cats and unicorns all around the lovely little shop! Gaijin is owned by a charming couple (alas out scouting for new treasures in London when we took these photos), and while the wife runs Gaijin, the husband is in charge of KuroBenz’ more masculine and broody style… Keep your eyes peeled for more from this power partnership on Tokyo Telephone very soon!

I’d really recommend Gaijin for everyone who likes the romantic and girly style of days gone by: in Gaijin you can find embroidered dresses, lace blouses, interesting handbags, and tons of knick-knacks and accessories that are sure to have you forking over the yen in giant fistfuls. At the very least it’ll definitely give you some home decor inspiration as the shop itself is like a little dressing-up box that I’d love to be let loose in! Personally, I’d hesitate to label Gaijin as Cult Party kei or even dolly kei; there’s more of a mix here, and in this case I find pigeon-holeing rather limiting in the face of a great little vintage boutique like Gaijin.

I think one of the key features of Gaijin (and of course KuroBenz too) is that every single item has been well chosen, every detail has been thought about and considered. This inevitably leads to a very cohesive end result, and one that perfectly showcases the amazing thoughtfulness of all the best vintage shops in Tokyo.

I spent ages just staring in fascination at this one case!

I’m sort of inexplicably drawn to this little arrangement – I’m really inspired now.

The hat lampshade is a real winner.

Candlelight and shoes…

This lovely fellow was keeping watch by the door.

I think every shop should have a sofa.

Decor ideas a go-go.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our look into Gaijin as much as we have! Are you feeling inspired? Let us know!

As I mentioned previously, this is an on-going project so keep looking out for more vintage awesomeness very soon…

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  1. wafayaa says:

    eligaant *_*

  2. […] away inside.  The dedicated women’s shop is only a short walk away from Kuro-Benz over at Gaijin, so the vintage that ends up in Korobenz does tends to be on the edgier or more mature side of […]

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