Mention Japanese cuisine and sushi is usually the first dish to be mentioned, along with a faint look of distaste. If I had a yen for every time I’ve been asked “but isn’t Japanese food all raw fish?”… I’m not sure I’d be able to afford a decent meal, but I could certainly have a good time at the 100 Yen shop!

Five: Shabushabu – named after the swishy sound it makes when you cook your meat in boiling hot water. Best for group dining, and people who like the idea of lightly cooked carpaccio.

Four: Yakitori – the best chicken on a stick you’ll ever have! Look out for bakudan tsukune: grilled chicken mince surrounding a quails egg, seriously delicious.

Three: Omuraisu – the ultimate unholy threesome: omlette, rice & ketchup. It’s my favourite comfort food in Japan, and I can never get it quite right when I cook it myself at home. Mostly vegetarian, but watch out for sneaky crab hiding in there!

Two: Yakiniku – love barbecues but hate eating outside? Welcome to the wonderful world of yakiniku! I will warn you though, it’s incredibly easy to eat an enormous amount and trust me – you will get the meat sweats afterwards. So worth it.

One: Okonomiyaki – I’ve mentioned my love for this little pancake-pizza-omlette dish before, take a look at the how-to. Okonomiyaki will forever be the taste of Japan for me!

I love Japanese food – eating out is a big part of experiencing Japan for me, and I hope that this proves that there’s more to meals than bits of uncooked fish!


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2 Responses to Top 5: foods with no raw fish

  1. Great piece! My book, Food Sake Tokyo, is a guide to Japanese food and sake, and introduces readers to top foodie destinations in Tokyo.


  2. tokyotelephone says:

    Thanks for the comment, Yukari! We’re looking forward to checking out your great blog too!

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