I can’t believe that I have not got round to writing about Tornado Mart yet.  Well to be honest with Tornado Mart you kind of know what to expect with them every season – nice tight fitting bell bottom jeans and glamorous prints over fitted tops.  That is not to say there is anything wrong with that, I love Tornado Mart for a slightly smarter adult take on Oni-kei street fashion.  The only problem with them is that sometimes their stuff can be a bit too smart as to even be a little dull (as in the pic below) but coordinated correctly it can be real rock-star look, without the LA price tags.  I thought I would just pick out a couple of pieces from TM’s latest collections that are pretty high on my shopping list right now.

The Tornado Mart trademark has got to be the ultra tight bell-bottom jeans look which is a look you rarely see in mainstream fashion.  But it is indubitably flattering especially if you have pretty long legs already and can easily make you look a great deal taller.  The best of the s/s collection is these awesome jeans:

You have laces on the side of the thighs and the back of the leg to really tie you in where you want with echoes of 80’s rock – the only thing missing would be the laced up flies (please Tornado Mart – that would be awesome!).  On top of that if you look closer you can see that the whole jeans are covered with a shiny python skin print that you just know is going to wear away really nicely.  There is just so much work and detail in the very cut of these jeans that you are really getting your moneys worth for 25,000 yen.

Suiting the slightly dodgy weather in Tokyo this time of year is this gilet (only the very brave need apply…)

Kudos to you if you can pull this off and maybe only one to wear around cities as I am not sure the rest of Japan is quite ready for this!  But I am really enjoying cape-like gilets at the moment and this one with a slightly toned down print is pretty damn cool.  Like I said before Tornado Mart can be a little too smart sometimes, but they can always be relied on to put out stuff that literally no-one else would dare to – and for that I salute you!


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6 Responses to Tornado Mart: S/S Collection

  1. Uncontrol says:

    Every time I’ve seen someone wearing those snake print pants, they look like sausages. There’s just too much going on here IMO.

  2. tokyotelephone says:

    Now this I can’t comment on – as a very good friend of mine has those exact jeans…

    For “too much going on jeans” check out Junker – now those I like! Shame about the price tag.

  3. Uncontrol says:

    I managed to get some jeans from the Sparkling Sale:


    Along with some others from auctions. I have loads of TM stuff but no denim yet, so interested to see how this goes.

    Aha maybe I’m too forward, but we should chat sometime 🙂 give me an e-mail sometime at deuzma AT gmail DOT com. Thanks!

  4. tokyotelephone says:

    Cool, and well done on the jeans – TM denim is what drew me to the brand, they are the right leg length for for me (most Japanese buyers have them shortened) and great quality. I have repaired one pair of mine no less than 3 times and they are still one of my favorite items.

  5. Uncontrol says:

    Was wary about the quality, good to hear. I’ve bought so many used TM items and been screwed on them due to them being hemmed. Much more careful now.

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