Taking a small break from the onslaught of spring/summer 2011 collections coming into Japanese fashion shops at the moment, let’s kick back with (a) Transvestite.

As Transvestite have recently fiddled around & updated their website with their new line of accessories Synaps, this seems like an excellent opportunity to highlight the quality works that’s been produced since the brand’s inception in 2005. I’m really looking forward to checking out Transvestite at their exhibition in March, as well as their ‘limited shop’ in La Foret alongside other Tokyo Telephone favourites Nick Needles, F.E.A.R and Etw. Vonneguet.

Continue on for more drapes than you can shake a stick at…

From the latest collection – plenty of black, which of course makes me a happy bunny, and lots of beautiful sheer fabric that I’ve been eyeing up on more mainstream brands too.

Drapes and strings, and sheer stockings too! Layers and layers of sheerness, like thin pastry.

I love the extra-long bridal style train – not for rainy days though…

A touch of luxury sportswear chic with the added drawstring element.

I’ve chosen to also show the previous collections, as even in the older pieces there still a lot to love:

Reminds me of h.Naoto, what do you think? Love the black & white leggings too!

Gorgeous! Kind of shiro-kodona, if that exists, haha. I think it’s easy to see how influences Transvestite was by Japanese street fashion when starting out. You can see real growth too, which is always key.

Beautiful soft grey drapes.

Pleated drapes – I’d give anything to see more of this!

Amazing tucking and folding going on in this piece…

I love the shape of this coat – makes me think longingly of a Vivienne Westwood butterfly coat I had my eye on last year, and I still regret not buying it!

Ones to watch!

See more from Transvestite at their hompage

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