Now I have talked about alternatives to mens bags before in my introduction to Buffalo Bobs’ Spring/Summer Collection and I really see this as a trend that is going to be with us all summer.  My beloved Fuga has finally got round to their take on the situation with their absurdly named “End of the War Suspenders” (!)

Now I love any excuse to get involved with any new accessory, especially one under the fig leaf of practicality, but even I am struggling here…  I know that in the hot Japanese summer, or any summer for that matter, it is nice not to have a heavy bag over your shoulder or in your hands, but the amount of space offered by this bag is fairly minimal and improbable to use.  For the record you can use the very small pouch on the front of the suspenders as well as the two un-zippable sections in the top left of the pic above.  A clever idea – but I can’t help thinking you would be lucky to get a pen in there!

My advice would be to settle for a nice medicine bag or biker bag that you can hang off a belt.  The braces as a bag look is all very well, but I am going to have to be very dull and pragmatic on this one.  Until they make one big enough to fit my sunglasses in you are going to have to count me out.


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