Ooh, I just love a good trend! I’ve been paying a bit more attention to Popsister magazine recently – it’s from the people behind Popteen magazine, and focuses on ‘Shibu-Hara’ style, ie: a mix of popular mass-appeal style with a healthy dose of something a little more off-beat. It’s a great mag, and is well worth taking a look at.

One trend that’s caught my little eye has been (as you’ve guessed from the title!) ankle socks! I’m so taken with them that I put together a little inspiration board:

(large photos from DropSnap, smaller images from Popsister magazine)

Be bold and layer contrasting socks and stockings together, try mixing patterns or go for a more subtle style with nude shades and sheer socks. There really are no rules, let your imagination go wild!

Ankle socks are a great recessionista trend: a pair of socks is unlikely to set you back more than Y1000, great for trying out a fast fashion style without breaking the bank.

I highly recommend sock shopping in Japan, you’ll find of the best priced and most original socks around. TutuAnna is a good place to start, and they have locations nationwide. I’d keep an eye open though, as there are smaller chains of sock shops in popular shopping locations in most cities. Go on, show off your socks!


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5 Responses to Trend: ankle socks

  1. Alanna says:

    Love the inspirational board:)
    I’ve been loving ankle socks as well recently,i just love they way the look with a pair of heels:)

  2. tokyotelephone says:

    Thanks for your comment, Alanna!

    I think they’re a really great way to add a bit of interest to an outfit, and perfect for layering when it gets a bit colder! And I agree – heels are a must ;D

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