As we head into another scorching Japanese summer it becomes ever more necessary to balance dressing for cool comfort with a desire to be stylish, layered and respectable.  Hence the trend of making an outer layer as thin and comfortable as possible, in Spring we saw long thin gowns and drapes, but for Summer it seems like we are in for a season of tight fitting and very cropped jackets.  The cropped look can be a bit feminine so I recommend going for something with an intrinsically masculine flair like a waistcoat, riders or denim theme.  And keep your eye out for Fuga’s summer leather offerings – year on year they blow me away.

Kicking us off we have a fun take on a riders jacket from Glad News

Cheap at 6000 yen and nice breathable cotton, this will see you through the summer and is about the amount I would like to pay for an item that is season and trend specific.  Fastened up this gives you a great tight silhouette and with the exception of the studs the quality is there (though maybe you don’t want good quality heavy studs for the summer)

If you are after something that you might well get much use of later in this year then I recommend a light waistcoat

This one at 6000 yen from Lagust is also tight, very cropped and nicely cut at the shoulders.  I had not thought of combining one with a vest before, but it really makes a vest far more acceptable for an urban environment – good idea!  Needless to say I love the skull and crossbones on the back.

So good luck with the heat of the summer, one of these jackets is all you need to see you through the season.


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