Unless you have been living in a cave you can’t have missed the rise of over-sized collars in the last year.  This A/W it looks like the trend has finally come of age, or at least I hope so as I don’t know how they could possibly get any bigger!

Whether it is a leather riders a la Buffalo Bobs or a Civarise parka everyone in 109-2 seems to have broken out the look this year with some aplomb which I think it a boon for those who want to enjoy it without having to pay through the proverbial.  In some ways the silhouette reminds me of that which would previously have been achieved with a fur collar, but with something of a futuristic flair.

Personally I am not entirely sold on the trend when it is perfectly symmetrical – it can be a little too strong for my tastes, but an asymmetric collar can give you a nice structural look to experiment with.  I also rate that they tend to look a little bit better when they are on an outer that can be done up relatively high, because without that form to counterbalance the over-sized collar the effect can be easily lost.

Having spent a little while thinking about these collars they have rather grown on me, I have been having fun with a lot of drapes recently in my fashion and I do wonder whether a collar like this would go well with that as a more masculine layer in an outfit.  That is the great thing about writing for this site, that it does help you get out of your fashion rut due to exposure to things that prima facie might not necessarily grab you.  I do hope that this site might well have the same effect on some of you too.

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  1. brad-t says:

    They’re pretty just copying Rick Owens, Julius etc. with this (not that that’s a bad thing).

  2. tokyotelephone says:

    Like you said, at least they are following a good example! I think the reason that Gyaru-O brands succeed is that they do put those inspirations through their respective style lens, in this way I think they just about manage to avoid being budget versions of the cat-walk.

  3. brad-t says:

    You need to start including links to buy the stuff you talk about btw, haha

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