Trove have really pulled out the stops for their A/W 2012-13 collection, so if you were expecting the kind of louche bohemian style of their last collection then think again.  This time the brand is all about structure with a lineup that takes its inspiration from earthenware pottery.  The theme comes across well in the organic colour palette and rich, rough textures that Trove is renowned for, but it is the strength of the silhouette that steals the show.  It is worth pausing at this juncture to say that Trove is a really street level brand, with a loyal Shibuya / Harajuku following that falls right in the middle of the Japanese fashion landscape, both in fashion media and in pricing, so for them to be putting out such an avant-garde silhouette is something I find really very exciting.  The vase-like silhouette is virtually 2D in a way that references recent Comme des Garcons, and in its vastly dropped crotch and rounded shoulders Trove really are flirting with high fashion.

It is the kind of collection that reminds you why Japanese fashion is so exciting, because this is actually happening on a street level, not just in a fashion scene bubble.  Of particular note are the exaggerated dolman sleeves and wide-legged trousers that tie the collection together, but for me it is the fun the designer is having with the structure of the collars that makes this stand out.  In that respect there really is a lot of variety, so I advise you to take your time and see every little detail:

This is the core silhouette, and I love how the rounded shoulders are symmetrically accented.

If this has got you excited then you will definitely want to head on over to Trove’s homepage where you can see the lookbook from alternative angles as well as see how each coordinate breaks down in individual items (a feature I wish more brands would incorporate…).  All in all, this is a showing that has really got me excited about both Trove and menswear in general, it is a new adult direction for Trove, but one they are clearly ready to take on.

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