I write this just before heading out on our first full day at Tokyo Fashion Week and as I wrap myself up in a mass of drapes, buckles, zips, bracelets, bangles and so on there are moments when I yearn for a simpler life, albeit very briefly.  There is a certain amount of truth to the assumption that a fashionable outfit is one that is relatively time consuming to put on, has  a degree of constriction in parts and is generally not quite as comfortable as some kind of sweatsuit set-up, but there are plenty of options out there for those who want the luxury of simplicity and comfort in fashion.

Trove released their S/S 2012 collection “Calm” before the rush of Japan Fashion Week had begun and it is a fitting follow-up to the last collection that I might well have dubbed Mori-boy in the past.  Not that I am an advocate of this kind of labeling, especially when it actually a hinderance to a good understanding of the fashion in question, but on the other hand some kind of glib label does help when in reality all those kind of “Tribes” are always evolving, ever-changing and with them the fashion.  What I was getting at with the Mori-boy reference was the loose layering of slightly thicker organic fabrics, a louche silhouette and an organic palette that in this case is mercifully resonated in quality organic fabrics.

The styling is stripped back with untouched hair and paired back accessories, although I would advise some shoes for the unforgiving streets of Tokyo.

I spy another tassel for next S/S, this time as a nice simple belt and a nice nod to that particular Mori trend.

The temptation here would be to assume that the clothes reflected the simplicity of the overall look, but if you check out the layering on the shorts and light jacket above then I think you would have to admit that there is quite a bit going on here.

It really is a lovely look and I hope it is having the same calming effect on you as it is me.

I saved the best for last – love the draping to the trousers and nautical roping to the top.

Ah now that is better, a nice dose of calm in these busy busy times.  If this nostalgic vision has won you round then head on over to the official homepage where you can see their past collections in all their glory.

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