And other cat-related puns. I can’t be the only one to have come up with this title when referencing Tsumori Chisato‘s Cat’s (that’s the way the apostrophe is supposed to be – a cat-astrophe?!) side-collection, so if I’m stepping on any clawed toes, I do appologise.

I love cats. I even have two cats tattooed on my left leg. I’ve been known to walk in completely the wrong direction for quite a while just because I thought a saw a cat in the distance (this mostly happened before I got contact lenses; it always turned out to be a pile of rubbish or a small & rather disappointing dog). I’m not quite sure why it is that I like cats so much – maybe it’s the air of selfishly effortless cool they have that I’d like to cultivate too but am far too self concious for?

Cat’s is a cute little collection that captures all the charm and innocence of Tsumori’s best-loved illustrative style – continue reading for more, and a closer look at the spring/summer 2011 catwalk collection too…

The Cat’s collection mostly encompasses t-shirts, knitwear and accessories, both male and female,  all on the cat-based theme. Like a classy high fashion version of Hello Kitty, Tsumori plays with the print creating a cheerful little character; my favourites have to be the t-shirts with the cat peeping over the hemline – so cute!

If course, Tsumori isn’t a one-trick pony (feline?) when it comes to fashion – I love leafing through her excellent book ‘kawaii’ when I’m a bit down in the dumps as the bright colours and sweet scenes never fail to cheer me up. That and a cup of tea too! This year’s spring and summer collection (autumn winter review soon, I promise!) was classic Tsumori at her best – splashes of bright primary colours, cartoon-like details, a riotous mix of prints and a cracking take on a sailor theme too. So, on with the show…

Love: cat sunglasses, hand-drawn layers, black & white shoes

Love: sailor collars & hats, embroidered shorts and a great use of 70s denim

Love: more hats, black & white & yellow, those amazing illustrated trousers (second from left)

Love: 60’s sportswear cape, the funkiest florals of this season, and turquoise & silver lace

Love: macaron colours, flowing silk and the loveliest leopard – why settle for just the print when you can have your own cheeky leo hanging out on your dress?

Cat’s is at Shibuya Parco until the end of the month – hop on the cat bus while you can!


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One Response to Tsumori Chisato is Feline Fine This Spring

  1. Lisa says:

    Haha “small and rather disappointing dog” awwwww.
    I love both dogs and cats, but it’s really weird. If I were to choose which to have myself, then I’d choose dog without hesitation. (Had cats before, loved em buuuuut!)
    But give me clothing with an animal print and I’ll almost always pick cats over dogs. I wonder why.
    Either way. I love every single one of those tops/dresses at the top and could easily get them all… (and was tempted to when I went by the store the other day!) And the catwalk selection. COLOURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! Happiness. ^^)b
    I’m not sure I had a point to this, but thanks for sharing and now I must go sadface it since I won’t make it to Shibuya Parco before early May ’cause I’m just too busy. (T^T)

    PS Lovelove the post title. ( ^^)b It may or may not have taken a couple of reads before I figured out what was ‘off’ though. ^^;

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