Even though I’m a confirmed member of the ‘dressed all in black’ club, I really do have a soft spot for Tsumori Chisato’s wonderfully imaginative designs. It’s a far cry from my usual daily wardrobe of black trousers, white shirts and leather jackets, but I just can’t help but smile whenever I see Tsumori’s patterns and illustrations – especially the ones with cats…

It always seems strange to me that the world of fashion weeks and collections is more than a little disconnected with the real world – we’re still waiting for the cherry blossom to arrive, but now we’re looking ahead to the winter months again. This latest collection from Tsumori Chisato is undoubtedly ski-themed. If the neon mountains and lace up boots didn’t give the game away, then the retro ski poles, sunglasses and prints of skiing images certainly did. Now, I have to say that I’ve never been skiing ever: I’m incredibly clumsy and the idea of breaking both legs on freezing cold mountain in the middle of nowhere (not to mention ski-wear, urgh) really does not appeal. I’d much rather be pottering around in a chalet, drinking hot chocolate and reading a good book. Samuel has tried many times to get me to try skiing, but I’m positive I’ll do myself some kind of injury. But thanks to Tsumori, I can enjoy all the fun of skiing without actually, y’know, skiing itself. Perfect.

I do shamelessly love a proper themed collection, and this is not exception! It’s a bit of a departure from Tsumori’s usual pastels and hand-illustrated whimsical style, with far bolder colours and even some striking sportswear-influenced plain pieces. The ski theme was evident in every single item, from sequinned cable cars to wonderfully detailed images of tiny skiers forever captured making their way down mountain-like skirts and tops. I think my favourites from this show have to be the last few coordinates to make their way down the runway: beautiful photo-like prints of blue snowy forests made into fabulously cut shirt dresses and off-set in one case by a stunning white blouse with a sparkling sheer section at the neck.

If this is the ski wear of the future, then count me in!

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2 Responses to Tsumori Chisato – Winter Wonderland 2012 Collection

  1. Leanne says:

    I love the black and white striped pants/leggings, the fish-scale print jacket…and the platforms with the criss-cross lacing – sexay!

  2. Rebecca says:

    @ Leanne – They would look so fab on you! Any more news on popping over to Tokyo soon? 😉

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