Mitsuru Nishizaki‘s Ujoh is a brand you should be paying attention to – having spent seven years working with Yohji Yamamoto, Ujoh’s pedigree is first class. (Sidenote: my love for Yohji seems to be growing daily, I reblogged an interview with Saint Y on the tumblrphone here; well worth a good read!)

Nishizaki’s work as a patterner for Y’s & Yohji Yamamoto is evident when looking and the shapes, structure and form of Ujoh clothing. Billowing folds, oversize coats and wearable colours all contribute to Ujoh’s success, and it’s easy to see why this brand has become so popular.

Of course, one of the disadvantages of working on the fashion timescale is that you’re always at least a season ahead, and today is a case in point. I’m looking at coats and winter wear while gearing up for another humid Japanese summer. As someone who generally doesn’t get on with with extreme weather (ie: below 5 or above 25 degrees C – I’m from the moderate UK climate!), I have to say that I loath summer in Japan. I’m sorry, but it’s true. There’s a rainy season. There’s mosquitos bigger than chihuahuas. It’s so hot your feet slosh around in your shoes making it impossible to walk too far without stopping for water and wringing out your socks. I even think that the green and leggy something that crawled under the bed may still be there. Oh dear. At least I can look at Ujoh and dream of cooler times ahead…

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I really love the loose blouse paired with leather gloves – a great little edgy touch for autumn.

The shape! The colour! I don’t even need to say any more.

Beautifully cut, as expected. We saw GVGV do a slightly similar uniform-inspired look too.

Fantastic wrap/cardigan – imagine the fun you could have with that!

One of my favourite pieces – it’s almost child-like in form, with obvious pockets and block lines. So charming.

Lovely coordinate! (I’m not a huge fan of the shoes used in the styling, but in this case they work pretty well)

A shorter fur than last winter’s shaggy craze.

Another oversize coat that I just adore. Even though I’m very much a leather jacket wearer, this has really caught my attention!

I know Ujoh is perhaps a little more mainstream than we usually feature here on Tokyo Telephone, but let’s not forget that fashion subcultures are just that – subcultures. There’s a whole wealth of Japanese fashion out there to be enjoyed, from the most extreme street punks to beautifully constructed items such as the above from Ujoh. I love that wildly different aspects of Japanese fashion are as legitimate as the next, and I’m so happy that we have a corner of the internet where we can share them.

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