The last time I talked about Undercover they were going layering crazy in their S/S 2012, a collection that has to be seen in the flesh to be believed.  For while there are some basic items, the faux layered jackets and jeans feature truly baffling construction that seems to have passed most people by.  But I digress, this time we shall be previewing their capsule collection for the lords of fast-fashion Uniqlo as well as their brilliant shoot with Huge Magazine and the legendary Thom Yorke.

First up is the Uniqlo collaboration that goes appropriately by the name of “Family” and features 105 items for men, women, children and even babies.  Hardly a “capsule” and that is only the first wave, or which there are apparently going to be a couple more.  It is going on sale in the Uniqlo Ginza first before disseminating across the Japan and eventually the world.  That is right, for once a Japanese designer is going abroad in an affordable form – well I never!  Affordable, is as ever with Uniqlo, the operative word as prices range between 790 and 7990 Yen (including Tax) so this is without a doubt the closest many foreign fans are going to get to Jun Takahashi’s brand without breaking the bank on the exchange rate or trawling the second hand shops of Tokyo.

The clothes in the preview look like the simpler end of Undercover, very accesible and with a muted lens that the colours always seem to go through.  It strikes me as only being partially pitched as clothes for the parents to wear themselves, but more for the parents to dress their kids in.  Afterall fans of Undercover and Undercoverism have long grown up, got married, and had kids.  From there the thought of being able to kit your kids out in Undercover is probably an attractive one, especially when you consider the cuteness below:

Next up is a personal hero of mine photographed in A/W 2011-12 Undercover and trotting around that most nostalgic of places – Hyde Park in London.  For those who don’t know, this is Thom Yorke, lead singer of Radiohead as well as being one of the most talented individuals in the world in his own right.  But I digress (again), this is a shoot that appears in full in Huge magazine (which you can still find on and is a fantastic example of the effortless cool that Undercover embues.  Enjoy:

Fantastic stuff and a perfect location for the shoot and the man.  I used to see Thom Yorke around and about Oxford when I was a student, (as I think everyone who has lived in Oxford does) and he truly has an intangibly cool aloofness from afar that this shoot captures nicely.  For the record the one and only time I spoke to him (and made a fool of myself) he couldn’t have been nicer – but yes, aloof from afar.

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4 Responses to Undercover dress Thom Yorke and your Family

  1. Andrew says:

    In your last Undercover article you wrote, “As for me, I just hope we see a bit more anarchy from this brand next season,” hahaha.

    It’s so bizarre to see happy-family suburbia stock photos here, but of course it’s great that the Uniqlo deal will make Undercover so much more accessible to fans outside of Japan, like you mentioned. I’m curious though how big of a deal you really see this being–my first thought was wow, Uniqlo is huge! but the more I thought about it the less impressed I was, as Uniqlo is not as big outside Japan, most of its overseas stores are also in Asia where people may already be somewhat familiar with Japanese brands (even if not Undercover), and if you hear about Undercover through Uniqlo, how likely will you really be to start paying attention to seasonal collections or buying through stores in Japan? But I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t really know what I’m talking about here, just thinking about the news.

  2. Samuel says:

    @ Andrew

    Well, I always try and put a positive spin on things if I can, personally I prefer the aggressive Undercover of old, but that is just a personal thing. What you can’t deny is that other people like it and if you can’t see it from their perspective to some extent then you are probably getting out of touch and insular in your tastes.

    Likewise, I love underground shops with no signs, artisanal fabrics that you can’t wash and designers who create clothing that borders on art. On the other hand, so many people don’t have that relationship with fashion, so for them a toned down offering such as this from Underground and Uniqlo is probably the closest they will get to Undercover proper. For me, I am all for as many people as possible enjoying fashion, and if this kind of collection makes it accesible then I am all for it.

    As for how big of a deal this will be, in Japan this is big news and people are genuinely excited. Abroad, there will probably only be a tiny group of people who buy it because it is Undercover and the rest will pick it up because it is good clothes at a good price. As much as anything like with the recent Versace x H&M, it is more about keeping your brand relevant with young people and society in general, rather than trying to bring them into being regular consumers of the mainline.


  3. Andrew says:


    Thanks for the thoughtful response—I completely agree with you about getting as many people to enjoy fashion as possible. If it wasn’t for that attitude and this site, I’m sure I never would have even had the chance to talk about Undercover x Uniqlo! As for the quote, I just happened to see it again as I was getting a refresher on the last post here on Undercover and thought it was ironic. But I think it also shows two other things I really appreciate here: how open you both are about your personal style and interests, and at the same time how that never affects your appreciation for a great collection, designer, or shop, and I think both of these contribute to making this site so fun to visit. Anyway, all that is just to say that I didn’t mean any sort of critique, but I did have a little bit of a private laugh when I saw that quote and the news about Uniqlo in this article!

    Wish there was a Uniqlo around here, I’d for sure be picking up some cheap Undercover!

  4. Samuel says:

    @ Andrew,

    Thanks (again), I think that it stems from wanting to share a fairly niche subject that is pretty inaccesible to a lot of people. If we can’t be open and positive what chance do we have when reaching out to others?


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