…Or how one shoe took over the internet.

It’s not often that British brands get the chance to come over to Tokyo (I think boring things like exchange rates and import tax are probably to blame), so Samuel and I were very happy to get the chance to see Fake Tokyo’s Candy celebrating one of our favourite (and fellow British!) shoe brands Underground with a special pop-up shop in the container space at La Foret Harajuku. We trotted along yesterday to check it out…

‘Flatform’ shoes like the much-loved Tokyo Bopper and indeed classic creepers have become incredibly popular over the past year or so, both online and on the streets of Tokyo too. I’ve certainly seen a huge influx of creepers in particular, which most likely stems from current Japanese street trends (girls with double hair buns, big glasses, sheer maxi skirts and clunky platform shoes – a bit nu-goth meets Harajuku). Interestingly, I’ve seen creepers pop up in some unlikely places such as the 109 and Alta department stores; bastions of Shibuya gyaru style, and even magazines such as Jelly and Egg have featured creepers on their pages, elevating (gettit?) these shoes from being confined to just fashionable punk-favourite Kera magazine.

It seems that creepers have finally done the un-thinkable: become mainstream, and hey, why not? They’re damn comfortable, and you can be sure with Underground that you’re getting a quality shoe that will last for many miles and gigs. Of course, with success come the copycats, and yes, I have also seen a  great many creeper-inspired shoes, with some Japanese fashion brands even giving it a go. (We’ve also spotted Tokyo Bopper copies in a large mainstream shop not 100 meters away from the original store – please support local original designers if you can!)

Candy’s own brand Dissborn have collaborated with Underground, and these shoes will be available soon – I can’t wait to see them, and try them for myself! Dissborn are in good company as Underground have also worked previously with huge fashion names such as Mugler and Karl Lagerfeld, so get them while you can: the Underground x Candy pop-up shop runs until the 4th April, so if you’re out & about in Tokyo I highly recommend stopping by.


Still kind of obsessed with these Winklepickers. Not that I ever actually went picking winkles, urgh.

I love that this shoes matches La Foret’s green.

For more dribble-worthy shoes, take a look at the mini-site here and Underground’s homepage.

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4 Responses to Underground x Candy Pop-Up Shop in La Foret Harajuku

  1. Alanna says:

    I’ve been lusting after a pair of Underground creepers for months and now im lusting after those wedge too!They are just gorgeous,my lack of money means no creepers for me thou:( I shall pop in to have a look tomorrow thou,thanks for the post 🙂

  2. Sami says:

    I love Underground shoes! It feels good to see this popup store !

  3. Rebecca says:

    @ Alanna – Great to hear from you again!

    I agree, they’re stunning! It was very difficult to tear myself away from such amazing shoes… Let me know if you pick up a pair! 🙂

  4. Rebecca says:

    @ Sami – Me too! What a happy surprise 🙂

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