Guess how many vintage shops there are in Koenji, go on, guess! If you follow us on twitter (we’re tokyo_telephone), then you’ll already know the answer, but for those of you that don’t: our last count was somewhere around 70. Yes, that’s right, about seventy shops selling vintage clothing just in Koenji alone, let alone the rest of Tokyo… It really is a vintage-lover’s paradise, and I urge anyone with even a passing interest in all things old and exciting to get to Koenji as soon as possible to have a good old rummage around.

With that in mind, we risked life and frozen limbs in the arctic temperatures last week to put together this post featuring forty-one amazing vintage shops in Koenji. It’s sadly not a definitive list, just over half actually, but I hope gives you a flavour of what’s around here, and the pickings are particularly rich in menswear and 1960s style dresses. I’m pretty sure you already know about Spank! and KitaKore and I’ve already talked about some other vintage stores previously, so this is a small (!!) selection of some of our other favourites…

Sokkyouhomepage – A charming selection of practically antique clothing that’s almost like taking a tour through someone’s house.

(Clockwise from top left)

Hoy-Hoy Stationhomepage

Now Or Neverhomepage – Now Or Never has a great choice of menswear, such as heavy jumpers, Vietnam-era embroidered sukajyan and some interesting silver jewellery too.

Yurihomepage – Excellent Americana.


Bamboo Horse

Nomad – Truly unique collection of old motorcycle helmets and related biker goodies.

Peep Cheephomepage – Fabulously retro 1960s-era clothing, a must-see for all fans of this golden fashion age.

Kuro Benzhomepage – I’d quite like to live in Kuro Benz; it’s right up my street (almost literally!) and is one of the best places to pick up studded leather jackets, furry hats and cheesy cardigans. Love it.

and Phebhomepage

Cordhomepage – Proof that it always pays to investigate upstairs!

Bernethomepage – Lovely ladieswear that’s sure to tickle the fancy of anyone who likes leather bags and long skirts.

Oshare Gaijin – With a name meaning ‘stylish foreigner’, you’re guaranteed to come away with a smile on your face.

Morning Sun

Zoolhomepage – Zool is a vintage behemoth, with 6 shops just in Koenji adding up to a vast vintage catalogue.

Jacob’s Ladderhomepage

Ionio & Etnahomepage – One of our new finds, a gorgeous little shop selling true antiques and things made from reclaimed wood. A really stunning place!

Hikari – A Koenji institution, kind of like a teenage girl’s closet exploded and filled a shop.

UK Extrahomepage – A nostalgia trip for me & Samuel! I love all the old school blazers, even though I hated mine at the time…

Mad Tea Partyhomepage – A proper must for dolly-kei girls and boys, and fans of teacups and Masonic regalia too.

Vividhomepage – One of the most interesting concepts for a vintage shop; everything has been made in Japan, a change from all the imports!


Safarihomepage – With three separate stores in Koenji, including one specialising in Ralph Lauren, Safari is making a name for itself.

S.Ohomepage – Menswear paradise, with a great choice of clothing to keep you warm this winter.

Re’allhomepage – You had me at the huge pile of shoes outside! Also great for vintage Ralph Lauren jumpers and Italian handbags.

D Clothing: Noel by Hug – homepage – D Clothing is kind of amazing, and between the three stores (D Clothing, Noel and Hug) you’re sure to find something to treasure.

Kikihomepage – A really cute little vintage shop, even if I am always a bit freaked out by the giant Barbies in the window!

Dai-daihomepage – Under the same umbrella as Green Dot, Dai-dai is great for ladies who love the playfulness of Spank! with a more vibrant colour selection.

Scrap Studiohomepage – Okay, more furniture than clothes, but where else can you buy a genuine old school desk for such a reasonable price? Perfect for creating a vintage home!

Chiruruhomepage – Fabulous variety of retro clothing and homewear, and I was sorely tempted by some telephone-shaped buttons.

Super Old 

Gasolinehomepage – A super-amazing place to by that perfect vintage leather jacket, and even more biker bits & bobs than you can shake a stick at.

JuRianhomepage – I was kind of in two minds to include JuRian as they sell some new items, but I’m sure mori girls and dolly-kei lovers will fall head over heels.

Mousehomepage – I really love Mouse! It’s a little creepy, but there’s a really fantastic selection and Samuel even found an old fencing jacket there, along with some Vivienne Westwood rocking horse shoes – alas too small for me!

Jinjerhomepage – Brother shop to Green Light, Jinjer (as well as being right next to a temple) has probably the best selection of old Dr Martens boots in the world.


Chart – A really huge selection of shoes and neckties just on the first floor – menswear heaven!

Yakusokuhomepage – An adorable little vintage shop, with an emphasis on handmade items too.

Phew! So there you have it – a mere glimpse into the wonderful world of vintage available in Koenji – seen anything that’s piqued your interest?

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