Fresh from Biker brand Jackrose is a new premium label – Jackrose Vintage.  Selected pieces are available throughout their shops but the really deluxe pieces can only be found in their Harajuku Flagship store.

The concept is to take classic denim and leather pieces from all over the world (including Vanson and the legendary Robert Warnar) as well as the best of Japanese brands and create one of a kind custom masterpieces with the very best materials.   So you can expect stunning vintage and classic pieces which have been lovingly repaired and improved upon.

Starting off with this great pair of remade jeans (29110 Yen)

There is a ton of detail here all constructed from old Jackrose jeans, but my favorite touch is the stud work over the patches on the leg

Very nice indeed.  Next is an USA leather jacket with some heavy Rolling Stones artwork (61950 Yen)

Needless to say this is all a bit more expensive that the usual Jackrose gear, but I am glad that they are offering a sideline for people who want real quality clothes that are going to last and never going to be replaced no-matter what the latest trend becomes.  These are clothes that you are going to form a relationship with and are going to be with you for as long as you want them to be.

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