I have two approaches to vintage shopping: either I go out with a really specific item in mind (eg, little black dress, denim jacket, leather bag) and concentrate on just that; or I have a rummage and let the item find me! If you’re a vintage lover, do you have a strategy for making the most of used-clothing shops?

Here’s part two of the vintage shopping guide:

Balader; Good for: dresses, shoes

Spinns; Good for: t-shirts, accessories, trousers

WEGO Harajuku; Good for: remade items, bottoms

Harajuku Chicago; Good for: shirts, trousers, kimono

Santamonica La Foret; (http://www.harajuku-santamonica.com) Good for: flower prints, accessories

Thank you Mart Takeshita Doori; (http://www.rakuten.co.jp/thank-you-mart/) Good for: haberdashery (all Y390!)

Harajuku Airii (Irie); (http://www.i-rie.com) Good for: accessories, t-shirts

Panama Boy; (http://www.panamaboy.co.jp) Good for: shoes, remade items

Laboratory/Berberjin; (http://berberjin.shop29.makeshop.jp) Good for: t-shirts

Crisp Harajuku; (http://www.crisp-go.com) Good for: bags, shoes, blouses

Voice Harajuku; (http://www.voice-stores.jp) Good for: shorts, blouses, dresses

Golley’s; Good for: t-shirts, bottoms, shirts

ADD; (http://banalchicbizarre.ocnk.net/) Good for: shirts, t-shirts, bags

Sol; (http://sol-love.com): Good for: handmade items, remade items

G2?; (http://www.g2q.jp) Good for: dresses, accessories, remade items

Bowl-o-rama; (http://www.b-o-r.jp) Good for: dresses, skirts, accessories

Hug; (http://www.hug-harajuku.com) Good for: shoes, tops, bottoms

Hanjiro Harajuku; (http://www.rakuten.co.jp/hanjiro/) Good for: dresses, bottoms

Kinji Harajuku; Good for: women’s clothing, selected items

Conocoto; Good for: dresses, bags

Spank; (http://yaplog.jp/spank-shopping/) Good for: dresses, t-shirts, nightwear

Garde-n730; (http://www.yummy730.net) Good for: tops, bottoms, remade items

Bingo; Good for: t-shirts, polo shirts, tunics

Jumble Store; Good for: tops, dresses

Fovos; Good for: t-shirts, denim, bottoms

Nude Trump; Good for: Shoes, trousers, dresses

Grimoire; (http://www.grimoire.jp) Good for: dresses, skirts, accessories

Tostugekiyo Fukuten; (http://www.totsugekiyofukuten.com) Good for: shoes, accessories, jackets

Pink Flamingo; (http://www.501t.com) Good for: dresses, tops, remade items

Kira Closet; (http://ameblo.jp/akiranran123/) Good for: dresses, tops, accessories

Furugiou; Good for: dresses, tops, leather shoes

Pashat-Pashat Antiques; (http://www.onthepp.com) Good for: dresses, tops, accessories

*** Full credit to Used Jelly magazine for doing the leg-work in the first place – well worth checking out this publication for more detail on the shops and great remake ideas.

See part one here.


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