Here’s the third & final part of our vintage shopping guides (be sure to also take a gander at parts one and two!):

Asagi; Good for: dresses, skirts, antique clothes

Mecca Plus+; ( Good for: dresses, t-shirts, sandals

Sea Moss;  Good for: dresses, accessories

Logic; Good for: dresses

Kitty; ( Good for: t-shirts, dresses, bags

Ravir Levant; ( Good for: second-hand high-end brands, bags

Gypsy Flower; Good for: interiors, accessories

Spinns Osaka-ten; Good for: t-shirts, dresses, accessories

Warawara;  Good for: tops, dresses

Rising Sun; Good for: t-shirts

Kilostore; ( Good for: dresses, tops

Pigsty; ( Good for: dresses, t-shirts, polo shirts

Kaka*Vaka; ( Good for: t-shirts, sneakers

*** Full credit to Used Jelly magazine for doing the leg-work in the first place – well worth checking out this publication for more detail on the shops and great remake ideas.

Found any other great vintage shops? Let us know & we’ll add to the list!


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