After the week of menswear we’ve just had on Tokyo Telephone, I think it’s about time I wrote about womenswear instead! We’re all about equality here, especially if it means we can borrow each other’s clothes (double the wardrobe…), but I do think it’s easier to focus on women’s fashion sometimes: there’s often more visual hooks, and as much as I love mens fashion and writing about Japanese male trends, I can’t quite get excited about sleeve length and cuff design.

Talking now of things I can get excited about: W by Murua’s latest spring summer collection. It’s been a terribly rainy week in Tokyo (a hint that I need to pick up some proper English wellington boots, perhaps?), so it feels strange to be writing about spring. However, due to W by Murua’s darker vibe, it kind of fits with the grey skies and black umbrellas that are ‘in’ in Tokyo today! I’m already a big fan of Murua’s accessible mode gyaru style, and as a lover of all things suit-like, I was instantly won over by this season’s sharp tailored jackets, peplum skirts and black and white colour scheme – a reference to the Chess title for this collection. In keeping with the slick style, hair is sharply pulled back, and make-up is bold with thick black eyeliner and red lips – still a staple of mode gal, even in summer. Okay, this probably isn’t a look that most Shibuya 109 shoppers will be going for this season – I don’t think anyone can pry them away from their florals – but it’s a great example of strong city styling for the summer.

I have to say that when news of Murua’s collaboration with Hello Kitty popped up in my inbox I was a little surprised – having just seen the above sub-collection, it seems like a big divergence, right? I wouldn’t have expected such an ‘adult’ mode gal brand as Murua to play to popular culture too much given the brand image, however I think it’s an interesting interpretation of the Kitty theme.

While it’s true that Hello Kitty is a fixture pretty much everywhere in Japan, she’s most often cloyingly candy pink – not much to offer for those of us who prefer monochrome – until now, of course! It’s a very Murua collaboration, with a couple of t-shirts, tote bags, phone cases (Apple only I’m afraid – but isn’t Kitty always pictured with an apple – conspiracy?!), and, oddly enough, fake tattoo transfers. Murua have really been promoting these fake tattoos and while I’m not sure I’ll be adding Kitty to my ink collection, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for her around Tokyo.

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3 Responses to W by Murua, and Hello Kitty x Murua Collaboration

  1. Laura says:

    I like the “I am as heavy as three apples” print. It looks more Murua than Hello Kitty. One of the more unique, not-so-blatantly-obvious collabs 🙂

  2. Rebecca says:

    @Laura – agreed! It’s pretty classy 😉

  3. Andrew says:

    Sadly, I can totally agree with you about men’s vs women’s fashion, and while I also have a hard time sometimes getting excited about things like sleeve lengths, I’ve found that Japanese brands do a MUCH better job keeping things interesting in other ways for menswear than any other region’s fashions do for me, particularly lately! Of course there’s a ton of fashion I don’t know about, but that’s beside the point for now.

    In any case, I just wanted to say that I think Murua’s Hello Kitty collaboration looks awesome, and will be a fantastic gift for my girlfriend wife in the future!

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