The W in W by Murua standing for um, winter? Wow? Wonderful? WhatalotofthingsI’dliketowear? In this case I think W is double the general fabulousness of Murua, hurrah! As much as I love Murua, I’m also quite partial to a bit of W by Murua too – the extra touch of high-fashion theatricality can really elevate an otherwise standard outfit with just one choice piece, and I’m all about lazy fashion these days.

I’m sure you’ll also appreciate the little flourishes of McQueen-esque styling that runs through this catwalk show, it’s made me want to break out some darker lipsticks for this autumn & winter! This collection is exactly what I was expecting, in the nicest way possible – a little edgier, a little more forward and a little more detailed than the main Murua line. Lovely. Brightly coloured legwear has been carried over to W, as have a few of the colour choices. There’s a nice touch of black, the chunky gold jewellery that’s all over both the fashionistas in Japan and international fashion blogs, and that unique slant on powerful femininity that just so mode gal. As with Murua, referring to these styles as gyaru is perhaps on the controversial side – we’re talking fashion inspiration and trend setting rather than hotpants and tanning – but the breadth of fashion in Japan is certainly wide enough to accomodate the odd faction split now and again, right?

Let’s crack on with the runway shots, and a few of my favourite releases so far…

Hello there, lacy hair!

Things I like: dark lipstick, fur collar, cross necklace, big coat, sheer boned yellow dress, printed tights, amazing boots – I think that’s all of it!

I love the contrast between the patterns on the white top and long skirt – I’ll have to start mixing it up in the future.

The colours here are stunning, in particular the burnt orange coat. Very ’70s, and looking just wonderful with the open maxi dress secured by the wide waist belt.

No words, just love.

Looking like the best Christmas chocolate ever, in the perfect party dress. (Also: disco tights, yeah!)

Probably my favourite outfit of the lot: leather and lace and sheer fabric! Plus a nifty little spare collar and some wicked boots. Definitely food for thought when it comes to winter style inspiration.

That’s a corker of a skirt! Not to mention the amazing coat… wow.

A few W by Murua items that also caught my beady eye:

Oversize graphic t-shirt. So versatile, and I adore the shoe print too!

I posted these boots to our Tumblr a while ago… I just can’t stop staring at them! It must be love. Sigh.

Another cross necklace that’s sure to be a must-have…

In case you missed my other post on Murua’s Autumn Winter collection, take a look here – which do you prefer?

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4 Responses to W by Murua – Autumn Winter 2011 Avant-Garde Mode Gal

  1. Tori says:

    J’ADORE ♥
    I agree, W by MURUA just has that extra edge~ I think even with just one piece from this collection, you can update your wardrobe no problem haha!

  2. Rebecca says:

    @ Tori – Yes, indeed! There’s a few things that have certainly inspired me already! 🙂

  3. Kate B says:

    Those purple stiletto boots are amazing! Thanks again for another great post 🙂

    On a different note have you seen Kyary pamyu pamyu’s new book? There are a couple of interesting essays about Harajuku and how she got into fashion. Interesting even if you’re not a fan of her style.

    K x

  4. Rebecca says:

    @ Kate B – Thanks! 🙂 Oh, they are gorgeous boots, aren’t they?

    I haven’t yet, but I’ll be sure to take a look when I get the chance. Thanks for the heads up, I probably wouldn’t have seen it otherwise! 😉

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