(Excessive amounts of exclamation marks totally necessary, by the way). Imagine if you will, dear readers, that in Shibuya there is a small dark room. In this room, clothing of various degrees of vintage-ness and reconstruction hangs from the ceiling from giant chains. There’s loud music, UV lights, and your fellows customers are shadowy beings trying not to trip over the piles of yet more clothes on the floor. There’s also a very enthusiastic man with dreadlocks and a large hat who is running things. Whatever we expected to see when we walked into Wagado, you can bet it wasn’t this.

I hope I’ve created a mental image for you; think of something a bit like a forest made of clothes at night, and maybe you’ve also been on some hefty illegal substances before wandering into said forest. Welcome to Wagado! If you can believe it, it’s just a couple of floors down from baroque-haven Grimoire. Quite a difference, and a perfect example of schizophrenic Tokyo fashion at its best. Love it.

Enter the madness!

Wagado also have premises in Osaka, and most of these shots are a mixture of the two shops. Top left and bottom right are customers outside the Tokyo Wagado – Samuel and I were also featured on their blog, but I’ve decided not to post the photo as we both look utterly jet-lagged and shattered having returned to Tokyo just a few hours earlier (for about two days I thought I’d dreamed the whole Wagado experience!)

Any brand that’s called Homeless Party has to be cool, right? I love the pink shredded t-shirt and surprising cute ensemble on the shop staff.

The shredded backpack has been a huge hit at Telephone Towers! I also really the bottom right outfit – given a bit of edge with the repurposed kimono and tie-dye t-shirt all in pastel shades.

I highly recommend dropping in to the Wagado wonderland if you’re in the area – sadly, I don’t think I can quite do it justice here on the internet. Much like Tokyo itself, it’s best seen in person!


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2 Responses to Wagado!!!

  1. Somehow I completely missed this shop so many times. I met one of the shop staff I think and then saw the same person in TUNE, and made the connection that the clothes were very DIY avant-garde. I wanna know more about these shops now!

  2. Rebecca says:

    @ Lactose Intoler-Art – Ah, it’s a must-see, even though it’s not as dark in there as it used to be! 😉

    I think Wagado has the friendliest staff in all of Tokyo. I’ll have to ask some questions next time I’m there!

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