When I first flipped through WC‘s new spring catalogue, the idea of ‘new vintage‘ or non-vintage vintage as in the title did tickle me rather pink. Over the past couple of years vintage & retro clothing has been a huge influence on Japanese street fashion with everything from antique dolly kei to high-end retro designer wear popping up on street snap websites and in street style bibles Fruits and Tune magazines. Of course, vintage does have its downsides – what immediately comes to mind is a little shop on Brick Lane in London that I had to make a sharp exit from, such was the musty smell of the clothes I though I was going to heave-ho at any second! Of course, that’s a rather extreme example; please be reassured that vintage clothing shops in Japan keep their stock impeccably clean.

I do have to admit that the ‘new vintage’ concept has rather grown on me – sometimes, despite whatever quest I’m on for a specific piece of clothing, I wish it would appear in a place I didn’t have to root through (or worry that something unfortunate had happened to the former owner). The idea behind the collection has been fantastically executed through the items of clothing: washed-out denim; Americana; 80s punk; and even a tweed-like blazer bring to mind the best bits of a hand-me-down wardrobe. I hope that we’ll be seeing these same clothes in vintage shops in another twenty years time!

I’m not usually a huge fan of double denim, but the acid wash is fab and I love how it’s still dark at the seams – details!

Oh Chinatsu, we’ll all be poor after oggling this collection!

I can’t help but think this is what Madonna would have worn in the 1980s had WC been around…

Bright colours are huge on the spring catwalks this year, and these trousers certainly fit the bill! I’m also utterly smitten with the studded wedge boots – get out of my dreams and onto my feet!

More violent yellow – love it paired with rock headband and sheer leopard stockings

Totally my style!

Fabulous fresh retro look for the sunnier seasons

Official: Wakatsuki Chinatsu is Wonder Woman…

Or should that be Captain America?

Clean and simple make-up that lets the clothing do all the talking! With the aforementioned loud shades that have been taken up by the high-end brands such as Jil Sander (this season’s colour blocking queen), make-up on the catwalk was kept fuss-free with an emphasis on the lips. Pale pink is notoriously hard to pull off if you’ve got paler skin, so I’d suggest keeping it sheer and shiny!

Kawaii geek-chic – love it.

See more at the WC homepage


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9 Responses to WC – Bows, bears and non-vintage vintage

  1. Tori says:

    I just realised that first photo set with the overalls are BUSTIER overalls, omg ♥ Those studded wedge boots are so Jeffrey Campbell too, lovelovelove!
    Thank you for sharing~ I think you really captured the beauty of this collection & I can slowly feel myself gravitating back towards the w♥c bandwagon, haha XD

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  3. I want the purple sweater! What is it with me and purple WC goods?

    Also love the entire outfit where she’s posing in front of the angel wings.

  4. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Ooh, they are! Even better! And those boots… dribble.

    Thank you so much! Sometimes I find it hard to talk about WC as the items produced vary in style so much that there isn’t often a coherent theme – but that’s half the charm, isn’t it? 🙂


  5. Tokyo Telephone says:

    It would look fab on you! I always think of that shade as being ‘Japan purple’ 😉

    It’s lovely, isn’t it? Such a different look from WC!


  6. Leanne says:

    While WC aint my thing at all…I have to say I do like those voluminous pants, the trench and the check jacket. It IS interesting how in japan now they’re trying to recreate western clothes from bygone eras (aka “vintage”) – with varying success!

  7. Lisa says:

    Once again having to wipe the drool off my chin, le siiigh! Loving the jackets especially, and that purple jumper… Damn me and my purple obsession. ^^;
    Although I really like the use of the big hair bows, I’ve totally, totally fallen for that amazing studded headband!!! o.O I’m picturing mixing it with something much softer for a bit of a shock effect, yum! ^^

  8. Tokyo Telephone says:

    @ Lisa

    Hurrah! I’m so glad I’m writing about things that our readers love too!

    I do love that headband, it’s one of my favourite items! I love it paired with the oversize sweater ad simple make-up. I think Samuel wants one!


  9. Tokyo Telephone says:


    Ooh, I know! It’s such a… Japanese concept? Idk, haha.

    I love the yellow trousers; they remind me of the Japanese punk pants that have two different coloured legs 🙂 As loath as I am to wear anything other than black on my lower half (hello, booty!), I damn well want those yellow leopard trousers.


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