We’re no strangers here at Tokyo Telephone to Japan’s fabulously frilly lolita fashion, and I have to stay that my love of food-related prints has already been documented… So I suppose it’s no surprise that I’m finding my self salivating a little and almost reaching for the fork when looking over Angelic Pretty’s latest print series, Petit Patisserie.

You may remember my last look at Angelic Pretty’s French Cafe series, and it seems there’s no end to how inspiring French food can be! (Personally, I’d really love to see some traditional Japanese food themes – takoyaki print, sushi roll headdress, soba socks? Just me then?) This all-over print features everything that’s made Angelic Pretty the lolita fashion brand that it is today: ribbons, cakes and polka dots. I was flicking through some of the early Gothic and Lolita Bibles the other day and saw again how far Angelic Pretty has come since the days of gingham and solid colours, a welcome move for some, but the days of more streamlined lolita are missed no doubt by many. I’m wondering where our readers stand on this – do you prefer the ‘new’ lolita styles or do you stand by older interpretations of the fashion?

The full range, and accompanying illustration by Imai Kira at the top of the page.

Print detail in four colourways – the pink and mint are good enough to eat!

Jumperskirt version one – love the lace detail on the sleeves and velvet ribbon.

Jumperskirt version two: more of a traditional silhouette than the higher waisted version above, and much bigger on the skirt!

Onepiece/dress: probably the most intriguing dress design from Angelic Pretty for a while – I have a feeling this will be like Marmite; love it or hate it?

No shortage of stunning details!

In skirt form: perhaps a little for some? Although I really like the velvet ribbon detail here, I don’t think it be flattering on me all as my hips are my widest point! Never mind, never mind…

You just can’t go wrong with cakes on socks. Oh no.

I don’t think ‘ll ever ‘get’ wristcuffs. (No mint version here, shame!)

Just because everyone loves a lace close-up. I know I do, anyway!

See more at Angelic Pretty’s homepage.

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4 Responses to Welcome to Angelic Pretty’s Petit Patisserie

  1. Laura says:

    They should make a roomwear version of that long-sleeved OP. Looks so comfy and cute 8)

  2. Sarah says:

    Oh, this makes me ache!

  3. Rebecca says:

    @ Laura – Oh, great idea! It kind of makes me think of a Victorian nightdress, haha 😉

  4. Rebecca says:

    @ Sarah – Oh, I’m so sorry! Well, if there’s something you can’t live without then I’d be happy to act as a shopping service for you 😉

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