When I saw that Chanel were dusting off clogs for their spring/summer 2010 collection, I must admit that I chuckled away to myself a little. I remembered the pair of lime green clogs that I loved¬†fiercely when I was six years old (honestly, they were awful!), and I cringed & thought hopefully that they wouldn’t see the mainstream light. Oh, was I wrong. Oh.

(the aforementioned Chanel clogs)

As Japan seems to be looking to catwalk couture more than ever, and continuing to make high-end trends affordable and more importantly wearable for the masses of stylish girls that inhabit Shibuya (also see: the bunny ears trend), I shouldn’t have been surprised that clogs have been clogging up (ahem, sorry!) the shelves of shoe shops across Tokyo.

Here’s a selection of some of my favourites from 109:

Go for a classic style with the pair from Love Girls Market, get two trends for the price of one with the denim clogs from Liz Lisa, or try something a bit more edgy with the Lip Service shoes.

However, my favourite have to be these:

Lovingly made by Jesus Diamante, they might just be clog perfection.

Clogs: avoid overly chunky styles, go for higher heels and love the lengthening effect they have on your legs. I never thought I’d be writing about clogs, but that’s the great thing about Japanese fashion – you can never quite predict what will be the next hit.


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