You know that Japan is the most fashionable country on the planet when there are workmen who look like this:

The all kinds of awesome above comes courtesy of Tobi who are one of the front runners when it comes to work-clothes, though I do promise you I have seen more fashionable ones than those above.  These tend to be worn by real construction workers who just want to flaunt themselves that little bit more than their already deep tans, plucked eyebrows and selectively shaved heads allow.  But it is not rare to see truckers complimenting their neon monstrosities with gear like this and there are plenty who just like the look.

The motifs in the look are the same domain of the Oraora crowd with lots of traditional Japanese imagery but I was pleased to find the ones above with lots of animal prints – something of a rarity.  The very distinctive cut, particularly of the billowing trousers is taken from a very exaggerated version of military trousers worn by the occupying forces  after WWII which places this look in the realm of the Sukajyan et cetera as something reclaimed to be totally Japanese from a foreign military influence.

I am not sure I would feel comfortable wearing this kind of gear in Japan as it is so associated with the tougher end of Japanese society that you would literally be asking for trouble, or at the very least ridicule.  Still, it cheers me right up when I see a workman swaggering down the street, very much proud of their job as well as knowing how cool they look.

Check out the whole magazine style catalog for Tobi here


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