Wut Berlin’s fashion shows are quickly becoming a Tokyo fashion institution, being as they are the catwalk vehicle for brands who will go on to be representative of Japanese street fashion next season, but who are still too underground to hold their own shows.  Bearing in mind that the shows are always a good barometer of not only the direction that the select shop itself will be taking each season, but also street trends on the whole, we are in for a spring/summer 2013 packed with bold stark prints, slabs of colour, but also decadent hints of lace and sheer fabrics to draw this away from neon club kid territory.  The theme this time was to mix bohemianism with shock (choc in French), the latter being self-explanatory, but the former being a fitting description for those in Tokyo drawn to the world that Wut Berlin represents, a gang of outsiders working in the arts, after-all, how else could you wear these kind of outfits verbatim in your daily life?

Regrettably the tagline of the show – “The Show Must Go On” proved itself true when singer lloy (aka Yuko-Kat) took to the stage to perform with musical duo 1984 1/2 to provide the soundtrack to the show and managed to blow a fuse halfway into their set, plunging the catwalk into silence temporarily.  The show did however go on and it showed director of the shop, Yann Le Goec at his absolute flamboyant best.

Guest model Joey Ma from Hong Kong returned to take the lead on the show, but it must be said that the rest of the models, who have mostly been with this project right from the start, where looking fantastic as well including the ever-fabulous Sioux.

It was great to see Balmung being modeled in a catwalk setting, this model in particular nailing the amorphous mood of Hachi’s latest collection.

All of the models were really given a chance to express their own personality during the show, something that you are never going to see on a Tokyo Fashion Week catwalk and kept the show in touch with its street fashion roots.

Great to see more of Bodysong as well – looking particularly strong with those great customized socks.

Always a pleasure to see this MOZZZ x Bodysong top, you can see more of Bodysong’s SS 2013 here.

The shorts and jacket (over the shoulder) are both from Sise – looking very differently from how they were styled at Sise’s TFW show back in October – love it.

Another head to toe Balmung ensemble.

Sioux in her element.

Finish designer Daniel Palillo took to the catwalk himself to model his latest macabre skater themed collection.

The final look could only have come from the mind of Yann – fabulous.

And the man himself taking a well-earned bow and wearing Mikio Sakabe.

For more Wut Berlin you can head over to their official site here, and they are one of the few shops to ship internationally if this show has peaked your interest in any of the brands above.

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3 Responses to Wut Berlin SS 2013 – Bohemian Choc – The Show Must Go On

  1. Joey says:

    Hi Samuel, thank you so much for the nice review and amazing photos as always! You really put a lot of thoughts in your review. I can feel your passion about the show by reading your amazing piece. Thank you.
    All the best,

  2. Samuel says:

    @ Joey,

    Thanks for getting in touch and your kind words – it means a lot coming from you and I’m glad my genuine enthusiasm for the show has come through.

    I’m a big fan of your blog and your style and I thought you did brilliantly in this show, even as the technical demons struck!

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