Tokyo street fashion has to be the most celebrated in the world, even set against the the deluge of photos that document the brief bi-annual gatherings of fashionable society in Paris and Milan (which give a rather false impression of what one might actually see day to day on the street), the city’s street level is arguably the only strata sufficiently appreciated internationally.  However, that is not to say it is without its problems, visitors might be able to bask in the assault of the unfamiliar, but seasoned Tokyoites know to get nervous when things start to stagnate, especially when what was once exciting starts to feel normalized.  That is not to say that there is a shortage of individuals pushing Tokyo fashion on, but that is exactly the point, that what used to be the united zoku or tribes of the pre-2000s has now become stranded individual icons admired but not aped by their followers.

Standing against this apathy and rising conformity we find Yann Le Goec and his iconic creation – Wut Berlin, which holds bi-annual fashion shows as a manifesto which you would be wise to adhere to, channeling as it does, a world’s worth of progressive fashion into a single show.  The fashion features some of Tokyo’s underground who you would normally rarely see on a catwalk such as Balmung, Bodysong and Runurunu, but also the borderless Starstyling, Daniel Palillo, Anntian, Rene Gurskov, Roberto Piqueras, Tata Christiane and Henrik Vibskov amongst others.

This time the show was presented in two parts with the first paying homage to steely urbanism, but still managing to find excitement in monotone and advocating a subversive take on the uniform of sportswear that we now find dumbed down elsewhere to a mess of Tumblr keywords and vaguely offensive “ghetto” fashion.

We kick off with light coats, but covered with heavy prints.

The next season from Bodysong is a real departure in terms of textiles, but the featherlight fabrics crammed with HD detail have been one of the personal highlights of this Tokyo fashion season for me.

Balmung offers floaty clouds to walk within (full report coming soon).

More from Bodysong, with a fabulous new shape on the arms in the ensemble above.

Elsewhere nude leather and muted shades show that you need not be a walking slice of neon to wear the Wut Berlin manifesto.

Styling was excellent as ever, and fittingly urban in the first part of the show.

Runurunu is up to his usual bio-organic tricks, but had some surprisingly feminine offerings as well as below:

Following on from this first part, the lights went out and the stage re-emerged to reveal the chaotic tree of lights and wood in the centre.  This set the scene for bursts of jungle colors and the models to have a little fun in acting out their ensembles.  Which side of this “City vs Jungle” equation you align yourself with most is your call, but somewhere down the middle there is a very enticing vision for the near future of Tokyo fashion.

I love how the earthy tones balance out the extreme bursts of color, making for a credible mix of of non-gendered colors and accentuating the already gender-free silhouettes.

Sioux looking great as ever with the addition of fiery red lenses.

I thought this gentle chiding of the Givenchy nose rings was particularly well observed.

The prints were overall excellently selected and show just how exciting a medium the digital print can be, even as they reach saturation point at retail.

The show pulled no punches throughout, editing and expressing with a confidence many in Tokyo could do well to learn from, a feat all the more remarkable when you consider most of the outfits were the work of different and disparate designers coordinated together.

Yann taking his well-earned bow in a t-shirt especially designed by Roberto Piqueras for the occasion.

Those in Tokyo can see everything from the show in the Wut Berlin shop in Omotesando as of today, but you are also well catered for online here.

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3 Responses to Wut Berlin SS 2014 – Jungle City – Taking Back the Streets

  1. What an amazing show it was! I agree with you, and feel so many fashionably creative people have been anxiously awaiting the next fashion revolution here in Tokyo. (As you mentioned lack of tribes popping up. )
    For me, seeing all of these looks put together by so many different avant garde designers from Tokyo and abroad was really fresh.
    I have felt that something even bigger is on the verge of happening. I think this is only a piece of the beginning!

  2. […] pictures of Wut berlin S/S14 Fashion Show “Jungle City” on TOKYO TELEPHONE Ma Report on […]

  3. Samuel says:

    @ Lactose Intoler-Art

    Great to hear your thoughts, and as we were talking about on the night, sometimes I just need 24 hours to digest what I have seen before I put it into words.

    I really think the wave of “street icon” / “street celebrity” focus on individualism has been good in many ways for Japanese fashion on the whole, but it is not a narrative that comes naturally considering the more “group-led” historical context Tokyo has. I just hope that the next chapter in street fashion benefits the many, not the select few. Maybe we all need to step up our game!

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