For some unknown reason this winter (if I’m wearing socks 24 hours a day then it must be winter) I’m really really into unisex fashion, and luckily for me that’s one of the many things Japan does incredibly well. No longer do we look to Japan for technology; nowadays it’s all about men in skirts and girls with extremely short fringes/bangs and pairs of large glasses.

Some of my favourite Japanese street fashion is unisex – I love the current favourite silhouette trend of hundreds of layers piled on the top-half with a tight bottom-half. All in black. With wicked shoes. Remember (if you’ve been reading that long!) when I wrote about DressedUndressed and how they made me want to dress like what I always imagined the grown-up me to dress like? I think I’ve stared to achieve that, finally, and it’s designers like Gareth Pugh (a fellow Brit and huge influence on me & Samuel) and brands like Xampagne that are directly influencing what I actually wear on a daily basis.

Military is a perennial favourite winter trend, and it’s been popping up everywhere this year from combat trousers to army caps, and olive & khaki colours have been splashed over every magazine. In terms of gyaru fashion, the so-called ‘Napoleon jacket’ has become a 109 best-seller among the Shibuya girls, so it’s great to see a less mainstream brand like Xampagne taking on a popular trend. I’m a sucker for anything shiny, so the double row of buttons is right up my street, and I even adore the amazing trousers – I’m instantly reminded of 16th century Spanish-influenced fashion; all those men in tights with huge puffy shorts that I’m sure have a proper name…

Below is another military-influence ensemble, but interestingly enough combined this trend with this season’s other big-hitter: fur. The fur trim on these pieces is spot-on – just the right amount, without looking over-done. I’m quite taken by the olive fabric, and I know Samuel will appreciate the paisley print! The black version of the coat is utterly devine, and if I get the chance I know I’ll be snapping it up! I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of the furry boots – a bit too much like novelty Christmas slippers for me – but I do like the nod to Chanel. Add some claws on there & you’d have a pair of bear feet! Just an idea. Ahem.

Overall, Xampagne have created a great winter collection chock full of wearable items that take inspiration from, but don’t rip off, high fashion. I’m really looking forward to seeing more from Xampagne, and I hope you are too.

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