It’s probably not really necessary to bang on at length about my love for Yohji Yamamoto (or Saint Y, as he’s affectionately known as at Telephone Towers), but nonetheless, bang on I shall…

I’m still headlong in my menswear phase, and what better celebration of modern male dress than Yohji Yamamoto? Not content with revolutionising womenswear and empowering generations of women through clothing and design, Yamamoto also lends his¬†twinkly-eyed talent to gents too – lucky! I’ve previously mentioned the variety of models that make their way down the catwalk, and I’m happy to say that the men, young and old and skinny and portly, have returned. I’d really like to see this happen in female fashion too, but somehow I don’t think I’ll get my wish granted for quite some time, and just imagine the controversy it would inevitably cause – no doubt overshadowing the clothes themselves, shame.

It’s certainly a good measure of Yamamoto’s talent that his garments look just as good (if not better) on the larger-framed and older male models: it’s as if you need a certain amount of gravitas in your soul to really capture the Yohji Yamamoto spirit… perhaps one day I’ll achieve it too, but for now I’ll just have to content myself with pressing my hands up against the glass windows of the Aoyama boutique and drawing love-hearts in the condensation while the shop staff aren’t looking.

So what does Yohji Yamamoto have us wearing this winter? At the time of writing, it’s currently grey and cold and even snowing a little here in Tokyo, so the layers and drapes and shawls in this collection are really making making me feel toasty and warm! I’m already a huge fan of the oversized outer look, so of course there was a lot that tickled my fancy here, including the piratical cravats, shiny gold buttons on military jackets, lovely berry-red silk, and the amazing tweed and tartan layered waistcoat/jacket/coat hybrids that I’m sure will have many hoarding Yen until they appear in stores much later this year. I’d love to draw some kind of correlation between this collection and the supreme Sherlock Holmes adaptation mini-series, but I’m sure that would just be wishful thinking on my part! All in all, I have to say that this, in my opinion, is a pretty solid offering from Yamamoto, and I for one will be adopting the draped shawl while the weather is still chilly…

Lovely contrasting edges.

Both of these outers are just super.

Yes please!

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

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