You might be tricked into thinking that you’d fallen down some kind of rabbit hole into some kind of wonderland, what with the giant hat that (Saint) Yohji Yamamoto chose to kick-start his women’s spring summer collection with in Paris. And oh, what a wonderland!

I was, and still am, such a huge fan Saint Y’s autumn winter collection that I was admittedly a little worried about this next one. Alas, gone is the candy floss hair, the sheer fabric and gothic elements. However in their place come flowing shapes, black and white, purple lips and even a suitably¬†dishevelled¬†bride and groom. It’s the latter catwalk couple that make it really hard to avoid words like ‘romantic’ when discussing this collection… but sometimes it’s just ridiculous to avoid the inevitable!

Romantic yes, but this isn’t the flowers and diamonds kind of romance – it’s piled up hair, messy layers and manish shoes. This isn’t skipping through fields in the sunshine, it’s obsessive love; wearing his clothes because they still smell of him (or her). It’s slowly starting to dress like each other (we’re very much guilty of that here at Telephone Towers) and becoming two halves of one whole. For me, it’s as much about the destructive powers of love as the creative. (And I do love Yohji Yamamoto!)

I’m really thinking about investing in some slightly wider-leg cropped trousers. I do enjoy wearing socks though, so maybe it’s the bare ankles that putting me off! Love the half tucked-in shirt.

Hello boots! I’ve been wearing lots of purple lipstick recently, nothing to do with this make-up look. Ahem.

I adore the half-jacket on the left! Haha, it feels very Japanese, right? General dribble-worthiness on the right.

A touch sportier here…

Purple and more purple. I would quite like to wake up to find the dress on the right hanging up in my wardrobe in the morning. Perhaps the Saint himself could arrange a small miracle? No? Shame.

I’m getting some Miss Havisham vibes. Would love to tap into that myself!

Yohji’s bride and groom. (Dear Samuel, I’ve had an idea…)

Double the gloriousness.

I’ve never been one to dream about the possibility of a future wedding, but I wouldn’t say no to being a Yohji Yamoto-wearing bride!

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