As part of our new exciting remit of highlighting lesser-known Japanese brands & designers, here’s Yuima Nakazato’s latest collection, entitles ‘New Gender’. From crackling rainbow dresses to the wickedest shoes I’ve seen for a while, this has to be seen!

It’s also interesting to note that Nakazato is part of what can be considered as the new international generation of Japanese designers – a graduate of Antwerp Royal Academy of Fashion & Arts and winner (rightly so!) of several awards, Nakazato exhibits at Paris Fashion Week. I can’t help but think this is a prime example of the issue discussed by Samuel here that in order to gain recognition, Japanese designers are forced overseas, sadly to the detriment of Japan’s native fashion industry.

Continue on for possibly the best shoes. Ever.

As I mentioned above, the title of this collection is ‘New Gender’, and I think Yuima Nakazato captures the inbetween-ness very well. Perhaps the most female item of clothing, along with the dress, is the skirt… yet men in skirts are nothing new – Scottish kilts, anyone? For me, these items are both retro and modern at the same time: Japan has a long history of complicated gender issues, and the 1980s in particular was a time when Japanese fashion became predominantly unisex for the first time (look out for a post on this soon!). In more recent times, we’ve had the advent of so-called herbivore (passive) men, and the post-feminist rise towards gender equality – often translated in Japan as gender neutrality. With that in mind, does this change your view of Yuima Nakazato’s collection?

Samuel and I personally have no problems sharing clothes between us (unless we want to wear the same item; then it gets rather ugly…!), but I’ve noted before that it’s easier in our current society for women to wear ‘male’ clothes, rather than the other way around. I wonder if I could get Samuel in the dress below….? He does have the legs for it, haha!

And now for the sideways shots; the items are best appreciated from the side! Love the triangular shapes – take a look here for similar themes in Japanese fashion & games.

I wasn’t lying about the shoes!

My favourite look – shame the only image was low quality!

See Yuima Nakazato homepage for more, as well as collection archives.

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