Given that your operators here at Tokyo Telephone have an altogether more personal vested interested in the wedding business these days, Yumi Katsura’s bridal collection, which was presented late last February in the magnificent Ryogoku Kokugikan, could not have come at a more timely moment.  It was a show that highlighted just how Westernized the institution of the wedding ceremony, if not the marriage itself, has become in Japan, the vast majority of the show being devoted to a Western ideal, with the traditional Japanese kimono presented as a sub-section, albeit a beautiful one.  But that just might be because even for a designer as talented and experimental as Yumi Katsura, that the wedding kimono is something of an immovable feast, if tampered with it ceases to be, a fact that makes it very hard to wear without guidance, never mind design.

Still, it was a pleasure to see the kimono represented at all, and alongside the flamboyant Toshikazu Iwaya of Dresscamp the western bridal dresses really were something befitting of a stadium show.

The dresses were as extravagant as you could possible imagine, stopping just before they knocked on the door of tacky.  This level has actually become something of the norm in Tokyo, and is something that we have struggled to add a degree of restraint to in our own personal capacity.

It was not just a show for women, the men were represented as well, again feeling more like a USA Disney prince rather than an English gent, but dashing none the less.

You would have had to have a heart of stone not to join in with the collective “aww” in the stadium as this poorly behaved bunch came out.

The show kicked off with a show of progressive design from the haute couture line.

Before members of KARA (whose fans were easily the loudest and most out of place) took to the stage.

Here modeling a dress that goes from elegant to party in a flash.

KARA treating their fans to a live performance.

Before the show concluded with a series of themed segments.

This dress styled with the black gloves was perhaps my favorite of the show.

The flower strewn finale.

Finally the designer herself (center) thanks the packed stadium.

It is hard to imagine a 90 minute bridal fashion show going on anywhere else in the world and be so well attended by fans happy to be there and bask in wedding fever.  I would count it as an eye-opener to wedding culture in Japan and the fashion that accompanies it, but as for my own suit, well that is something I am leaving in altogether rougher hands.

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