Well, okay, what can I say about Zaorick? Um, that doesn’t involve talking about tiny brightly coloured plastic toys? I think it may be impossible, and what’s wrong with toys anyway? But this isn’t Toy Story, unless Andy was a mad creative accessories genius…

I’ve noticed there’s been a real upsurge in the number of people celebrating the 1990s in all it’s tacky kiddy glory. Maybe it’s because this generation of internet users are now becoming culturally aware of their own youth, much in the same way that Samuel and I fawned of photos of Adam Ant, Boy George & the Blitz Club attendees and even Vivienne Westwood when we were teenagers. (80s goth will always be cooler than 90s goth though. And let’s not even talk about 00s goth!)

So, part of me thinks that Zaorick are tapping in to this pot of 1990s childhood memories of Pokemon and Pogs and cartoons and crayons, while part of me also thinks it’s a nice counterpart to the overly sweet kawaii aesthetic that’s been making it’s way to international shores – this is kawaii, but a still a touch uncomfortable. The final part of me thinks that I should probably stop over-analysing things, and just to enjoy it for what it is – having fun with weird and colourful accessories. What do you think?

Hairy earring monsters (not something I thought I’d ever type!) as seen on the Fake Tokyo site.

He looks a little grumpy about being to sparkly! Don’t worry, purple monster…

Trolls! And giant eyeballs! I would totally have expected to see this in my other favourite world of all things wacky, Wagado.

O hai! I might look a little scary for some, but my eyes also blink – check it out, I’m winking at you! Um, please come back…

Yes, we have shoes too! There is just something about non-matching shoes that always says ‘Japan!’ to me.

Faces! More eyeballs! Studs!

Phone cases – I like the yellow one that’s just eyes, but I can also spy a Barbie face, more tiny trolls and what looks a plastic seashell.

Badges – perhaps the easiest way to dip into the Zaorick aesthetic?

I know Zaorick isn’t for everyone, but I really love the DIY feel – the spirit of feeling inspired and wanting to create is something that always draws me back to Japanese fashion in particular, whether it’s the kids on the streets of Harajuku spending their pocket money on studs and sewing materials, or creators like Zaorick picking out pink eyeballs and troll dolls….

See more from Zaorick on the Fake Tokyo site (stocked at Candy), and at their blog.

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3 Responses to Zaorick: Cute? Crazy? Colourful!

  1. michelle says:

    hi where can i find the phone cases?

  2. Rebecca says:

    @ Michelle – Hello! I’ve done some digging as it doesn’t seem that Candy are stocking the phone cases, but a few of their other stockists are. Your best bet is probably to send Zaorick an e-mail (in Japanese if you can!). I found this contact address (jyaothika@yahoo.co.jp) on the blog, but I’m not sure if it’s the right one!

    I hope that helps! let me know how you get on 🙂

  3. Evie says:

    Where can I buy the hair earrings? I’m having trouble finding them 🙁

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